Night Life

Night Life


Spica, having decided to live with Yuuto as a slave, had visited her previous workplace, Twilight Castle to Organize her luggage in preparation for the adventure.

Spica's luggage consisted of only the bare necessities, and could be put away in one handbag.

Master. Please use this funds in the future.

Spica, having come out of the inn, handed 3 silver coins to Yuuto.

What is this?

Severance Payment of 3000 rea given to me by the owner. Ehehe. It was not a big amount even though I worked for four years.

Wait a minute. ……I cannot receive such important things.

No. Don't say such a thing. Please take this. I am master's slave. Because everything I have belongs to master now.

It was a situation where the beautiful girl herself had given herself up, Yuuto felt a little bad.

(Nuu……… Such a cute fellow.)

If he rejected the silver coins here, she would feel bad.

Let's receive this gratefully as part of the debt that Spica has to repay.

While clutching the 3 silver coins, Yuuto swore in his mind.


They decided to spend the night at an inn Spica recommended.

A snake will be a snake. 

Spica, maid for 4 years, was familiar with the inns of this city, and recommended one where one night stay with breakfast cost only 600 rea.

The quality of the rooms could compete with Modern Japanese hotels. 

Spica said, the room's quality is enough to be charged 1500 rea, but because there are rumors that the place is haunted, the room was cheap.

(The room was properly furnished, even for the different world……)

Even more surprising was the fact that the room was equipped with a shower room.

Yuuto couldn't help but shed tears of gratitude as he hadn't showered once in these two days.

Thought the concept of plumbing doesn't exist, water comes out of the faucet due to the Water Magic Stone which is made from the Blue Slime Nucleus.

(Perhaps……I should treat each drop of water as the crystallization of the struggles of adventurers)

Thinking such a thing, Yuuto left the shower and changed his clothes.



Spica, who had taken a shower first was wearing a sexy negligee while standing in front of the bed. (TL note: If Yuuto doesn't do anything, I'll kill him.)

She was a person who looked slender in clothing.

Spica's chest was surprisingly big, which showed in the negligee.

I'm sorry. I……know that I am not good at this. Master, could you…… please give me an Order to satisfy yourself?

Yuuto swallowed hard.

Honestly…… he was being overwhelmed by the desire to push Spica down.

(……No. Not good.)

However, Yuuto decided to control himself with iron-clad resolve.

Because Yuuto was not in a position to take responsibility if something were to happen by chance. (TL note: I want to kill him, but he kind of has a point. I still want to kill him.)

Yuuto was a healthy boy in high school.

He hoped that such a situation would occur later in his adventure.

So, he went to the clerk of the inn to let him know in advance. But when he asked about which shop sold contraceptives, the shocking reaction of the clerk was ……Eh? Con-tra-cep-tives? What is that? .

Yuuto was shocked.

The concept of contraceptive did not exist in Trywide.

The inn's clerk was unable to understand Yuuto's words.

Yuuto was 16 years old, and wanted to play.

Even though he wanted to give in to his lust, he was too young to become a father.

Spica. Come here.

Yuuto laid down on the bed and beckoned her.

……Okay. Master.

Spica approached Yuuto with a blush on her cheeks.

Yuuto hugged Spica's small, soft body.

All right. I will do nothing more than this. I am too tired today. So for the time being……let me sleep like this.

Spica's smile was a mixture of disappointment and relief.

……I understand. Master.

The sweet fragrance of a girl tickled Yuuto's nose.

Yuuto, being bored, began touching Spica's dog ears.


A seductive sigh leaks from Spica's mouth.

It seemed that touching her ears made her feel good.

Yuuto wanted to touch these ears for the rest of his life.

But, it was not possible for him to touch Spica's body forever.

(Hmm. I won't fall asleep like this until I'm used to it.)

As Yuuto experienced a big event in life in Sleeping in the same bed as a girl, he closed his eyes and forcibly went to sleep.


By the way, while the concept of contraceptive did not exist in Trywide.

For a certain period of time there was a high magic of the curse attribute called Contraceptive Magic that could act as a contraceptive.

When Yuuto learned of this later on, he was relatively shocked.  (TL note: So we can expect action later on, right? Right?)


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