New Journey

Episode 116: New journey

After returning home, Yuuto decided to consult with everyone.

Twe, twenty million rea!?

Ah. I don't really have the same feelings. It became like this somehow or other.

Yuuto piled up the 20 pieces of white gold coins that he received from the adventurers' guild.

A-amazing! Is this the white gold coin that I've only heard rumors about? I didn't think I could revere it in my lifetime!

Amazing nodesu! Oniichan is rich, nanodesu!

The Foresti sister's intently observed the white gold coins on the table with sparkling eyes.

Sylphia, you appear to be relatively calm.

No, I'm also surprised. However, 20 million rea is equivalent to the savings of an upper noble in Rhodran. I cannot get carried away and use them for merry making. Therefore I intend to be  calm.

I see. Well, it surely is a large sum of money. Since the successful bid for Sylphia was 700,000 rea, I can buy 28 Sylphia with this amount.

Nu. My lord, please stop speaking like a creepy person!?

Since I bought Spica for 50,000 rea, does that mean I can buy 400 people?

That's terrible!?

After citing that he could buy 400 Spica with the money did he finally realize how intimidating 20 million rea really was.

Oniichan! What about Sanya!? How many Sanya can you buy nanodesu!?

N. Because Sanya and Ririna didn't have any financial problems, you are priceless!

Priceless nanodesu! Yay nodesu!

Sanya, don't be pleased by such a stupid conversation!

Anyway, as he was able to obtain such a large sum of money, he probably wouldn't have any monetary concern in the near future.

(……Now then, what should be my next goal?)

Yuuto recalled what Beelzebub had told him in the dungeon.

Yuuto-sama. The method for an otherworlder to to return to his original world, A friend of mine……Demon King of Greed, Mammon should known something about it. He is the one who is experimenting with summoning people from different worlds with the Summoning Magic Stone.

He had heard from Sylphia earlier that Mammon had been selling humans summoned by the Summoning Magic Stones as tools of war.

About the whereabouts of Mammon……I'm sorry. I don't know that. That shut-in very rarely leaves his hideout. I can only say one thing confidently, we have all gathered in Expein due to a call from our leader. So that guy before long…… or rather, within one month, should come to this town. Oh! Would you be satisfied if I got in touch with you when Mammon is in town? For sure, I'll let you know immediately, if you were to give me your address.

As there was no meaning for him to hide this information, Yuuto told Beelzebub the address his mansion.

Fufufu. Lucky! I got Yuuto-sama's address.

Beelzebub kissed the slip of paper with Yuuto's address, and reluctantly left Yuuto's side. Apparently, she had some errands left in the city.

We are only going to be separated for a while. Just because I'm not there, you shouldn't get distracted by other girls, ne ?

Whether her words were serious or not, Yuuto couldn't come to a conclusion. Yuuto indulged himself in the memories of the adventure he had till now in this strange world.  

(………..Finally, I am close to a method to returning to my world.)

Of all the information he had gotten till now, he felt that he was close to finding out How to return to his original world. It had already been a month since Yuuto had been summoned to this world. There was a lot to be done still, but this was his immediate goal. His next aim was a meeting with Mammon, the Demon King of Greed.


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