New daily life

Episode 83: New daily life

In the morning serene sunlight came through the window and illuminated the face of 1 boy and 2 girls lying on the bed. The name of the boy was Konoe Yuuto, who, just a few days ago, was a very ordinary Japanese high school student. Yuuto lifted up his futon and turned his eyes towards the negligee wearing girls that were lying beside him.

To his right was the dog-eared girl, Spica, while sleeping on his left was the female knight, Sylphia. He had Magic Training with them till late last night. Spica and Sylphia weren't aware that their master had woken up.

(I need to wake up soon. Just a bit more……is this what happiness feels like?)

Yuuto embraced Spica and Sylphia with his two hands and decided to go back to sleep. Small birds perched on the trees in the garden sang harmoniously.


Oh! Yuuto! Did you finally wake up?

Good morning nanodesu, onii-chan.

When he went downstairs to the living room, the cat-eared sisters were already there. The ponytailed girl who was preparing breakfast in the kitchen was Ririna Foresty, while the twin-tailed girl that was carrying the dish from her older sister to the table was Sanya Foresty. Just the other day Yuuto had employed the Cait Sith sisters as employees in the mansion.

Yuuto, since you were slow to wake up, I've already started cooking. You don't mind, right?

Ah, I have no problem. Thank you. It looks like you are eager to work.

Ehe. That's great. If it's anything related to housework, please entrust it to me!

Ririna blushed at Yuuto's praise. Ririna Foresty was a spirited girl who was extremely talented in cooking and housekeeping skills.

I am reassured. Somehow, the cooking of my girls is pretty catastrophic……

Yuuto sent a pointed look at Spica and Sylphia, who became flustered.

Nuu. Yuuto-dono, don't give me that look! You can't expect a knight like me to work as a maid!

Uu I'm sorry. When I worked at the inn, the proprietress was the one who did the cooking……

The two initial members were beautiful girls, but their girl power was unexpectedly low. On the other hand, their athletic ability was strangely high and they were active during their adventures with Yuuto.

(……Well, even for Ririna, looks can be deceiving.)

Yuuto concluded as he sat down at the table to have breakfast.

So, master.  What is today's plan?

Then Yuuto, Spica, Sylphia, Ririna and Sanya; the 5 of them planned the day over the breakfast table.

That's right. If there's nothing else, I'm thinking of doing some subjugation quests. Do you guys have some errands to run?

Hey, Yuuto. If you have nothing important, may I suggest something?

When Yuuto asked, Ririna spoke up.

Ah, of course you can.

I want to go to the market to buy some ingredients. This morning, I saw the food storage for the first time today. How should I say it, it’s……

Certainly, our food storage isn't that great……

Until now, they had been eating foods such as dry biscuits and preserved dried meat which they didn't cook themselves. While it would have been great to store some nice food, it would be like pearls thrown before swine. However, now that he had employed an excellent housekeeper at great pains, they could now improve the food situation for the better.

Alright, I understand. In that case, Ririna and I will go to the market today, just the two of us.

……Ju-just the two of us!?

Yes, at least that's my intention. Do you perhaps hate it?

The reason why Yuuto decided only him and Ririna would go out was because he did not want to walk around with girls trailing after him in town. He hadn't directly lost anything, but he did not want to catch the eyes of some bad people by showing off.

No-not really. I don't hate it, but……

Onee-chan and Onii-chan are going out by themselves! It somewhat feels like a date……

Shut up! TL note: This was in English, surprisingly

Funiyu Fugugugu!

Sanya started saying something, but Ririna stopped her by stuffing a bread in her mouth.

? What happened, Ririna?

No no, it’s nothing! Don't worry about it, Yuuto!

Ririna laughed awkwardly as she held her sister's hands behind her back.

(A date. A date with just me and Yuuto……)

Ririna's face was so hot that it was almost burning. She didn't think before, but her sister's statement had made her consider the situation with Yuuto. To Ririna, Yuuto was a master and savior, as well as the first member of the opposite sex that she admired. After that for a while, Ririna chewed on her toast, but could not taste it due to being stressed.


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