Named Monsters

Named Monsters

The Rocky Mountain Caves was a 50 minute walk from Expein.

The Rocky Mountains cave used to be a human Cave Stronghold, but now monsters have settled here. Not much sunlight goes into the caves, and visibility is poor according to the Adventurer's Guild Booklet.

I see.

There are plenty of caves along the surface of the rocky mountain, like holes in cheese. Yuuto walked into a cave that was remarkably big and realized that the cave system was as complicated as an ant's nest.

Kobold's have high intelligence, and are good in group combat, along with close combat with knifes. It is better to attack from a distance while being careful.

Hmm. It seems I need to be serious.


 Threat LV 5

As the Kobolds began to swarm out of the shadows of the rock, it became clear that they exceeded 50 in numbers. They appeared dwarf-like, being only 60 cm in height and having earthen skin color.

Even though the Kobolds couldn't be seen a minute ago from the cave entrance, they surrounded Yuuto in a very short while. This was obviously meant to be an ambush meant for adventurers that went inside the cave.

Human. I do not like unnecessary killing. If you leave your weapons and items here, I will let you go.

Ricardo Rodiaz
Unique Ability

 Rarity ☆☆☆
(It is a skill that turns oneself and their surrounding objects transparent. It reduces the users speed when used)

The large Kobold that was apparently their boss addressed Yuuto.

Oh. I'm surprised. I didn't think a Kobold could speak human words since it was a monster.

……Ma-master. That's not true.

Spica's complexion paled.

That Kobold is a special monster called Named Monster!

Named Monster?

Yes. Named monster is a monster that is born with a mutation. While having the intelligence of a human, they also have a powerful Unique Ability. Their combat capability is huge…… It would take an entire platoon of the kingdoms best knights to defeat them.

Hmm. I see.

Yuuto recalled the time when he was summoned to this world. Amongst the Orcs there, only two of them could speak. The first one was the Orc boss, Girudia Mesaeti, and the other was the glasses wearing intelligent Orc that had the Demon Eyes skill.

In hindsight, the two were probable Named Monsters. But the battle itself had ended in a moment.   It was a pity that he couldn't find out their combat capabilities.

Master. Let's withdraw for now. A Named Monster is too much for even master! <TL note: Oh Spica, ye of little faith.>

Spica tried to warn Yuuto as she pulled on Yuuto's sleeve.

Oi oi, Spica. What are you saying? This situation……is a chance of a lifetime!

Due to the urgent quest, the reward for subjugation Kobolds had increased by 5 times. Right now, they were surrounded by well over 50 Kobolds. By subduing all the Kobolds here, he could get a reward of 20,000 rea. In Yuuto's eyes, all the surrounding monsters looked like mountains of gold.

Hmph. You greedy human! If you want to die so badly, I'll fulfill your desire!

On Ricardo's command the Kobolds began to attack simultaneously as they began to throw stones. Immediately countless rocks began to fall as if it were a meteor shower.  In this situation, anyone would become desperate. However one person would not. Yuuto only had a fearless smile on his lips.


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    1. Now you got a head!!! What's next? A tail? A Magic Dress? Is there a limit to your power?

  2. I would tame those kobold if i were him~

  3. "By subduing all the Kobolds here, he could get a reward of 20,000 rea. In Yuuto's eyes, all the surrounding monsters looked like mountains of gold. Yuuto only had a fearless smile on his lips." It was the moment Jason knew he fucked up.

  4. I don't think Ricardo Rodiaz is a suitable name for a kobold.

    I can't stop imagining him in a matador outfit.

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