Monster Trainer

Monster Trainer

Yuuto was shocked in any ways with his first encounter with a Dragon. The most surprising thing was the status screen that he could see with his Demon Eyes.

(Threat LV 32………!?)

The power difference was huge, as he had only fought monsters up to Threat LV 10 till now. He was also interested in the State (Taming) that he saw with his Demon Eyes. He certainly wanted to know what the taming state meant in the future.

Master. We should leave this place immediately……

? Is that so?

A distraught Spica answered Yuuto's question.

The opponent is a dragon! Wild dragons are existence that are known as the Strongest Species of monster. Master is strong, but fighting a dragon is reckless even for you!

I see. The strongest species……

But Spica's advice had the opposite result and instead piqued Yuuto's curiosity.



Ignoring the two girls' worries Yuuto had made up his mind to get closer to the dragon. Of course, he was not taking a risk just out of curiosity. Because Warning had not activated, Yuuto deduced that getting closer to the Blair Dragon would not result in a life threatening situation.


The Blair Dragon unfurled its wings and exposed its giant fangs. However, Yuuto was not agitated. Yuuto had known intuitively that the other party held no hostility ever since Warning did not activate. The Blair Dragon licked Yuuto's cheeks with its long tongue. 

Funiyu No way desu! For Rhea-chan to take to a human other than me…… This is a great day nanodesu.

Sanya Foresty
 Cait Sith
 Monster Trainer
Inherent ability

 Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆☆
(The ability to communicate with monsters and make them ones familiar. Monsters who have been successfully persuaded display State (Taming))

Hidden in the shadow of the huge dragon was sitting a girl less than 140 cm in height. She looked to be 10 years old. With cat ears on her head, and her hair tied with big ribbons into twin tails, the girl was impressively beautiful.

You……? Why are you in such a place?

Knowing the effect of the unique ability Persuasion that this girl possessed, Yuuto had grasped the rough situation. Although it seemed unbelievable, the dragon seemed to be her pet.

Sanya was walking Rhea nanodesu.

Sanya replied in a cute voice with a lisp.

A walk……

Honestly there was a huge thing that Yuuto wanted to tsukkomi. But because the girl had called it a Walk, Yuuto decided to just roll with it and avoid talking about it.

But, isn't it dangerous for such a small child like you to wander around in the forest? Since look. Monsters appear in this area.

It will be fine nanodesu. Sanya's village isn't far from here.

Um. Really?

Yuuto did not believe the girls words. The reason being that Orleans Forest (Intermediate) was a 90 minutes’ walk from the nearest city, Expein. There was no village in the map that he got from the guild.

She is probably saying the truth.

Sylphia interrupted Yuuto's conversation. She had regained her calmness, but she couldn't hide the fact that she was still scared of the big dragon.

Cait Sith are known to build a society of their own. They do not live in cities……It is a characteristics of their Race to live peacefully in the woods.

I see. It was that kind of a race.

A weight lifts off Yuuto's chest hearing Sylphia's explanation. The reason being that even in Yuuto's original world there were ethnic groups of people who liked to isolate themselves from society and civilization.

It is such a reason nanodesu. Ah! The fact that Sanya's village is close by……you must keep it a secret nodesu. The village head said, that if the location of the village became known……scary people will come and eat Sanya in a gulp……

Ah, un. I understand……

(Is it fine talking about such an important thing openly?)

However Yuuto was worried about something else.

Then, adventurer-san. Sanya has decided to return to her village.

Saying so, Sanya hopped onto the back of the Blair Dragon with a flutter of her twin tails.

After dark, the area becomes dangerous as monsters become more active nodesu. So adventurer-san, take care.

Immediately after, the Blair Dragon unfurled its wings and took off into the skies. It soon disappeared from Yuuto's sight. Sanya Foresty That girl was a person that moved at her own pace.

(In this world……there are still things that I don't know off)

The little girl that did not even reach 140 cm and a huge dragon. Yuuto thought this having encountered that strange combination. Triggered by this event Yuuto would come into contact with the Cait Sith clan, but that is further ahead in the story.


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  2. Replies
    1. Considering she is a cat-eared girl, she's a fusion between Pochi and Tama.

    2. She is tama child that was raised by pochi. Because tama like to go adventure.

  3. Kettoshi = cat sidhe, perhaps?

  4. I don't know much about literature; but I'm pretty sure the author explaining what flags some events triggered is NOT good storytelling. It's annoying.

  5. Erm, the dragon's status shouldn't be Taming, that implies that it's still in the process. It should be Tamed or Tame