Episode 107: Misunderstanding

After defeating the salamander, Yuuto checked his status.

Konoe Yuuto
Unique ability
 Ability Plunder
 Slave Contract
 Demon Eyes
 Growth Promotion
 Fire Magic LV 4 (12/40)
 Water Magic LV 6 (10/60)
 Wind Magic LV 5 (4/50)
 Holy Magic LV 2 (5/20)
 Curse Magic LV 3 (12/30)
 Fire Resistance LV 3 (19/30)
 Water Resistance LV 3 (0/30)
 Wind Resistance LV 4 (6/40)

Fire Magic mastery went up by 20 points in one go. It seemed that he could get a large amount of skill points for a threat level 24 monsters.

Now then. Yuuto-kun. Let's put the situation in order.

Lassen continued calmly in a tone appropriate for a senior adventurer.

First of all, the dungeon we have entered is classified as E1 difficulty by the adventurer's guild. In other words, its second from the bottom if I remember the explanation right.

Yes, it is indeed like that.

The degree of difficulty of a dungeon is determined in proportion to its size. Because the size of the dungeon that appeared in the Lownas Grasslands was small, the assessment from the guild was low. ………However, look over there.

Lassens pointed towards a stairway that lead underground with her finger.

Huh. So this dungeon was the underground type. I had thought that I'd have to climb up to clear it.

…………Well, that was our miscalculation. At least, that's my conjecture. When we looked at it from the outside, the only thing we saw was the pyramid shaped building. Most of the mystery regarding the dungeon would be answered if we assume that it actually extends underground.

Does that mean that the guild messed up when determining the degree of difficulty of the dungeon?

That's right. From what I can see, the actual degree of difficulty of this dungeon should be either B2 or B1. It’s a dungeon that can be cleared if gold and platinum ranked adventurers came in groups.


He had thought that there was something strange when he saw the huge amount of corpses at the entrance. Lassen was right. If they assumed that the degree of difficulty of the dungeon was higher than what the guild had marked it as, it answered why so many people died.

………However, is it even possible for the guild to make a mistake when measuring the difficulty? It could have been found immediately if the dungeon was checked.

It is a rarity. Usually, a person from the guild has to investigate the dungeon according to the rule. However, in our industry, there no such thing as impossible. There are always people in organizations who cut corners and do a lousy job.


From Lassen's words, he could see that she had experienced the troubles of being an adventurer.

Now then, we have two choices in front of us. We can stop here and wait for help to come, or we can advance further. Fortunately, the monsters of this floor have all been exterminated. If we wait in this floor, we can probably guarantee our safety.

………How long does it take for help to come?

My guess would be........ probably 1 week or more. Unfortunately, the entrance of the dungeon is closed with a trap. We have no means of going out unless we defeat the Guardian of the Dungeon. It'll be a considerable time before the crisis inside would be corresponded to the outside.

I see.

Yuuto's mind was already set when he heard the explanation. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that this quest was the greatest chance for Yuuto to obtain information about returning to his world. A different degree of difficulty did not change that fact.

I'll advance forward then. If we can defeat the Guardian, we can get out and collect the quest reward. Its killing two birds with one stone, isn't it?

……Yes? No, but!

Yuuto's carefree reply had Lassen at a loss. Normally, one would think that waiting at a safe place while waiting for help to come was the best move. Items received from the adventurers’ guild when the quest was accepted included portable food and bedding. With that, it was not impossible to wait for 1 week by sharing the food.

………Are you not worried at all? At worst, you'll lose your lives.

Lassen decided to ask the opinion of Spica and Sylphia, who were standing behind Yuuto.

Um. Naturally, I came here with that conviction.

It's a silly question. Going along with my lord's unreasonableness is my job.

Lassen had the Mind Reading unique ability that allowed her to visualize the state of mind of her target. She could not see the color of unrest from Spica and Sylphia's heart. They had their utmost faith in their master, and were prepared to share their fate.

(………I see. He's a reliable person.)

Lassen thought for a while before eventually giving a look of determination.

………Alright. If that's the case, I've decided to follow Yuuto-kun too.

That………Is that all right? You don't need to come with me forcibly.

……Don't misunderstand. When in an unexpected situation, the person who acts separately is the one in danger. I've decided to follow you for my own safety.

I understand. If that's the case, I look forward to working with you.

He was a bit worried because of the venom in her words, but he believed that she wanted to hide her embarrassment. Yuuto pushed forward to the second floor of the dungeon with his new comrade.


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