Magnificent Intruder

Episode 135: Magnificent Intruder

Um, Yuuto-kun's house should be around here.

While Yuuto was testing out the Soul Creation skill, resourceful information specialist Lassen Sigurd was looking for Yuuto's house with a map in hand. Wearing a jacket that revealed her midriff and shorts that displayed her thighs, Lassen garnered the attention of everyone in the street. As she walked, her breasts and buttocks bounced in rhythm.

Oi oi, what is this? That erotic ne-chan……!?  Let's greet her.

Idiot! Stop that! Don't you know who that is!?


That woman……isn't that Lassen Sigurd, a brilliant and strong adventurer? Additionally, she is a man hater. Apparently, mafia members that called out to her last week almost got killed……

Wherever Lassen walked, such disturbing topics sprang up in discussion. She was wearing a western hat over her eyes, and walked on the road without much care for the men's lecherous gaze.

Sempai……what kind of business do you have at Yuuto-san's house?

The girl walking beside Lassen was Luna Honek.  She had cat ears and was wearing a ninja attire.

Ah. I have a message for Yuuto-kun from our guild director. Because he hadn't come to the guild for the last few days for some reason. I was chosen as I knew him.

Is that so?

Luna and Lassen had met each other during a subjugation quest one year ago when they had formed a party together. Adventuring as an occupation required a lot of strenght, and was known for its low ration of women that took up the job. If counting first rate adventurers of Bronze rank, women were even rarer. As forming party with other women reduced a lot of risk, it was natural that the two came together.

So why is Luna-kun looking for Yuuto-kun's home?

My friend works as a maid at Yuuto-san's house. I had been wanting to visit her for a while……but I don't know where his house is.

I see. That's why you are following me.

If she used Lassen's information network. she could find out his personal address easily. So when she met Lassen coincidentally at the guild, she offered to go together to Yuuto's house.

Mu. What is this house……!?

When they finally reached their objective, Lassen was speechless because the mansion in front of her was hardly something a teenage boy would own.

I'm surprised. It's huge……

Ah, I heard it before, but this is larger than I expected.

I wonder what kind of life Yuut-san leads in this mansion?

……Fumu. Its surely an interesting place.

Lassen considered the boy called Konoe Yuuto, who was a mysterious person. With only one-month long career as an adventurer, his ability rivaled those of Gold ranked adventurers. Her information gathering senses tingled.

Where on earth did he come from?

How did he become so strong?

Her curiosity grew.

All right. Why don't we take a look?

Eh! What do you mean!?

I mean this. Come on.

Lassen rounded the side of the mansion to a place away from public eye and took out her favorite grappling hook.

It would appear that it was time to utilize my spying skills.

After that she spun the grappling hook around by its rope and threw it up on the wall.

Senpai! This is bad! Trespassing is illegal……

Don't worry Luna. There's a heavy mist, and the moon is hidden by the clouds. There won't be such a golden opportunity to break into this mansion.

That's not the problem!?

Driven by her sense of justice, Luna tried to restrain Lassen from such reckless behavior.

Is Luna not interested? In the kind of life that Yuuto-kun leads in this mansion.

I'm……interested, but……

In particular, she was interested in the kind of treatment her friend Ririna received in this house. She would not get that information if she was invited as a guest. The only way to see Yuuto's daily life was to sneak into the house as Lassen had offered.

Don't be so slow. I won't wait long for you.

Ah! Please wait! Sempai!

Lassen shook of Luna's hands and began climbing the rope up the wall alone.

Wait for me, Yuuto-kun. This Lassen Sigurd will definitely expose you.

Lassen climbed the rope up the wall of the mansion with a triumphant look.


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  2. .... Can't wait for either a huge misunderstanding for yuuto or some lewd punishment for the intruders.

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