Let's use water magic

Let's use water magic

Yuuto was in a good mood having finished reporting in the completion of the quests. Today's reward was 2,700 rea. In Japanese currency, it was about 27,000 yen. The amount by which his rewards increased after taking Spica with him on his adventure was considerable. An increase in income meant that he now had a greater amount to spend.

Konoe Yuuto

His QR had aslo risen remarkably. Since better quests will be added tomorrow, he can expect his income to increase further.

Konoe Yuuto
Water Magic LV 3 (1/30)
Wind Magic LV 3 (12/30)
Holy Magic LV 2 (5/20)
Fire resitance LV 2 (15/20)
Water resistance LV 2 (15/20)
Wind resistance LV 2 (14/20)

After returning to the inn, Yuuto checked his status screen. Green slime is wind resistant, Fairy is holy magic and scissor crab is water magic. These are the abilities that he acquired from the monsters.

Wind resistance was something that Yuuto wanted. In order to master the speed technique Leopard Gait, he needed to raise the level of wind resistance. However, he did not know how much a level 2 skill would reduce the damage by.   He decided to train Leopard Gait more once the level of wind resistance was higher.

Then there was water magic.

Water magic
 LV 3
Available magic
 Water bomb

(Basic magic of the water attribute)

Water bomb
(Powerful magic of the water attribute)

The amount of magic that he could use up to level 3 had increased to 2 today. Since he acquired the magic of the bomb variant when they reached level 3, he wondered if it was the same for all magic. Yuuto decided to experiment with water magic, and brought in the bucket that was placed in the shower room into the bedroom.

Master, what are you doing?

Ah. I wanted to practice magic for a little while.

When Yuuto said this, Spica blushed.

Ah. Do you need me…… to wear that skirt again today?

No. There is no need to do that today.

……Hau. Is, is that so?

Spica looked somewhat disappointed. Ignoring Spica's complex feelings, Yuuto began verifying the water magic, He casted the spell as he imagined water dripping onto the pail.


Immediately, as if an invisible faucet appeared midair, the water fell. The amount was pretty good, and the bucket that had the capacity of 5 liters was filled up.

(……I see. This may be useful.)

At the inn that Yuuto was staying in, drinking water can be taken from the Water Magic Stone provided by the inn. Therefore he didn't need to purchase water while on a subjugation quest. But now he could secure water if they were to fall into trouble while on an expedition. It was a skill that was not just useful in combat, as something that could provide water anytime would be useful in this different world.

Master! Amazing! Master can manipulate two different kinds of magic!

Something like this is amazing? Really?

Yes. People who can control two different types of magic are called Duo, and the chance of such a person being born is one in 10,000. By the way, the chance of a Trinity being born is one in a million. For a Quartet, it is one in a hundred million. It seems the rarity rises by a 100 times for each type of magic a person can use.

I see.

If Spica's information is correct, with his ability to use Water, Wind and Holy magic, Yuuto fell amongst those one in a million group. Furthermore a person who could use all 5 systems of magic is impossible to find as there shouldn't be 10 billion people on this world. Having heard this information, Yuuto continued on with the verification of magic.

Water Bomb!

He cast the spell as he pointed his right hand at Spica. Immediately from the palm of Yuuto, a ball of 10 cm in diameter appears.

Spica! Run away quickly, or the ball will explode!

Huh! Eh! Master!?

Hey!? It will be too late if you do not run away quickly!


Having received Yuuto's advice, Spica desperately tried to escape, running around haphazardly, but failed as there was nowhere to go.

Get away!

Yuuto chased after Spica with the sphere in hand. Because of last night's training, Yuuto had managed to improve his magic control.


Having being cornered to a wall, Spica fell down to the ground as her legs lost strength and her eyes began to tear. Of course, thinking about Spica's safety, Yuuto had reduced the power of the magic to the minimum. In case of emergency, he would have aborted the magic before it exploded into Spica.

Momentarily the sphere of water ruptured with a roar, and spread a tremendous amount of water around. Spica, who was 5 meters away from the sphere, was the victim as her dress was drenched completely, revealing her pure white underwear.

Sorry, Spica. It seems that you need to change your clothes tonight after all.

Uuu…… You're cruel. Master is a tyrant.

Spica accused with teary eyes. However, her figure only increased Yuuto's sadism.

Honestly, you should reflect a little. You should change your clothes as I tidy up here.

I can’t let you do that! Master should sit on the bed as I clean the wet floor.

……Hmm. Alright.

Even in such a situation, Spica wouldn't let her master do the cleaning. Having realized her sentiment, Yuuto flopped onto the bed and watched Spica as she began to clean the room with a cloth.

(……That was more sadistic that I thought myself to be.)

It was fun to tease Spica. But this time, he felt that he might have gone overboard. Still, he decided to continue to tease Spica in the future. Lying on the bed, Yuuto considered these things.


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