Let's use Slave Contract

Let's use Slave Contract

So, I'm late in asking, but…… does Spica know the procedure to enslave someone?

Yes. You need to go to the slave trading house to contract a slave. The contract is completed when someone with the unique ability Slave Contract mediates it. To have an intermediary…… costs a reasonable fee……

Slave Contract……huh.

Yuuto looked at his status screen to confirm.

Slave Contract
Rarity ☆☆☆
(Ability to make the target a slave by dripping blood on the back of the hand. Those who become slaves cannot defy the master's orders. The master and slave can grasp each other's position)

(……I have it.)

There was a person with this ability amongst Orcs that he had killed.

Yuuto could already make Spica his slave.

Spica. Let me see the back of your hand, I want to try something.

? Okay. Here.

Spica holds out her hand, wondering what he was going to do.

Yuuto bit his thumb, before pressing it on the back of Spica's hand.

Th-This is……!?

Immediately after that, the back of Spica's hand is wrapped in a dazzling light as a geometric Curse mark appears there.

Amazing! Yuuto-sa……… no. From now on, I will call you master! Master is a skill holder!

Is that an amazing thing?

He asked, to which Spica replied excitedly.

Yes. It is no longer on the level of amazing! A unique ability is something that guarantees success! It is said that a person with a unique ability won't have any problems in life. They are the so called winners!

……Hmm. Is that so?

He didn't think showing just one ability would generate such surprise.

He had three abilities at the moment.

There was a possibility to gain more abilities for Yuuto in future. He wondered if he was a being that transcended these so called winners.

Does this mean Spica won't be able to go against my orders any more.

Yes. If I tried to go against the order, I would feel extreme pain throughout my body due to the curse mark, and at worst, could even die.

……That's dangerous.

Considering the severe limitations that a slave faces, Yuuto admired Spica to have the resolution to become a slave voluntarily.

It seems that due to the slave contract, it is possible to grasp each other's position………is that right?

……Uh. I have only heard rumors, but it seems it’s possible if one imagines the figure of the person.

I see. Let's give it a try.

Yuuto recalls Spica's figure in his head.

It was easy to imagine since the person was right in front of him.

Momentarily, a red line emerges from Yuuto's hands.

The line was apparently connected to the curse of the back of Spica's hands.

Uh huh. With this, I can grasp Spica's position any time.

Yes. I was also able to confirm it.

Since conveniences of civilization such as a mobile phone was not widespread in this different world, being able to tell the position of each other is a tremendous thing.

If the two of them were to split up during an adventure, with this, he could find Spica immediately.

Well then. Spica. I want to confirm if I can order your, is that okay?

Yes. If it's master's orders, I can do anything!


Spica's words aroused a sense of sadism in Yuuto.

Even if Yuuto was an accomplished martial artist, he was still a boy in puberty.

It's not unreasonable to feel mischievous if a beautiful girl tells him to Please order anything.

I see. Then Raise your skirt, and show me your panties.


Spica spoke in a flat voice.

And then, Spica's hands raised her skirt following Yuuto's orders.

Underneath the skirt was a cute pink underwear decorated with a ribbon in the middle.

Apparently, women's underwear in this world wasn't any different in design than the ones in modern Japan.

Why is there women's underwear in this world?

Thinking that for a moment, he realized that if this world could summon people from another world, it was nor unnatural if some part of Japan's culture mixed with this world's.

(……Surely, there must have been an underwear craftsmen that was summoned to this world that spread around women's underwear.)

Yuuto creates such a selfish setting in his brain.

Great. Spica. According to my order, you seemed to have fixed up your appearance.

Because……Master……requested it.

I didn't think you would buy new underwear. Spica is a lascivious woman.

Uuu. Ma-Master. To suddenly…… give such a lewd order! (TL note: Well what do you think he was going to do when you asked him to order anything?)

Although she says that, Spica's ears betray her feelings as they move with joy. 

From her appearance, she was not dissatisfied.

He thought it might be due to the Slave Contract, but it seemed that Spica herself had masochistic tendencies.

He decided to verbally tease her whenever he got the chance.

Good. Way to go Spica, you did well. Great.

To reward Spica, he patted her head.


As Yuuto stroked her head, Spica displayed an ecstatic expression.

Apparently Spica liked it when her head was patted.

Did this habit come from being part dog?

I will give two orders as we are going to live together from now on. Do not betray me, Do not reveal information about my ability to others. ……That is all.

I understand. I will work sincerely for master from now on.

Yuuto thought, considering he got a cute slave with only 50,000 rea, his decision was probably right.

Tonight would be fun in many ways. (TL note: I am jealous of Yuuto so much right now.)


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