Let's use the new magic

Let's use the new magic

That day at the adventurer's guild, a minor uproar occurred.

……Wait a minute! There's no way the rookie got all of those things in one go, right?

That can't be true. It probably took 10 days to gather today's harvest.

……No. If I am not mistaken, this guy only registered yesterday, right?

He probably bought materials in large quantities from someone in order to increase his QR. Although it's not exactly prohibited, there are dishonest guys like that sometimes.(TL note: I wonder how many of these guys would last longer than a second against Yuuto?)

Having returned with more than 60 materials, Yuuto had attracted unexpected attention.

Even though the adventurers were making various speculation, Yuuto decided to complete the quests and receive his rewards.

The total sum was 2000 rea.

If he converted it to Japanese currency, the day’s income would probably amount to 20,000 yen.

Between the two of them, it was a daily wage of 10,000 yen per capita.

When compared to the day before, the amount was greater, but it was questionable if the remuneration was enough for the labor.

Yuuto will receive 100 QP for today's quest. With this, your QR has increased.

Yuuto verified his updated registration card.

Konoe Yuuto

While the reward money wasn't satisfactory, the QR was rising smoothly.

The QR jumped from 2 to 5.

Since the QR went up a lot, it might be a good idea for him to attempt more difficult quests tomorrow.

Deciding that, Yuuto left the adventurer's guild.


After reporting the quests, it was time to verify the magic.

Yuuto decided to train magic in a rocky place out of town devoid of any signs of life.

He sent Spica back to the hotel to get some rest.

It was because he wanted to verify his magic alone.

Wind Magic LV 3
Available Magic
Wind Bomb

Wind Bomb
(Powerful magic of the wind attribute)

According to the status screen, the number of magic that can be used had increased.

It seemed the number increased with the skill level of the magic.

He immediately tried to use the new magic.

(……Wind Bomb)

He held up his right hand as he chanted in his mind.

Shortly after, a sphere of approximately 10 cm in diameter appears from Yuuto's palm.

It flew slowly for about a meter before suddenly exploding.

With a terrific explosion, a storm rages around the globe.

Wow……!?The power……is way greater than I had expected……

Its killing power was completely different from Wind, which could only be used for flipping skirts. (TL note: That has enough killing power to take out a pervert, though, as long as you have someone with sexy underwear around.)

With this power, it was able to destroy a person.

However, the short range would become a problem during battle.

He wondered if that could be solved by raising the level magic.

If its range was only 1 meter, it would be easier to physically defeat his opponent for Yuuto.

(In the end……this magic is shelved for the time being.)

He was disappointed, but it couldn't be helped.

Magic that was honed for years would be naturally be more useful than newly acquired magic.

(……No, wait.)

Yuuto came up with a new idea on how to use magic.

(Instead of treating magic as a separate form of offense……what if I used magic to enhance my martial arts?)

He got that idea simply because Konoe Ryuu Taijutsu that Yuuto practiced aimed to take advantage of the good points of all martial arts.

For example, instead of shooting the magic out of his palm, how about the soles of his feet?

Yuuto began his tests with Wind.


The result of the verification was that magic can be shot from anywhere from the soles of the feet and the top of the head. (TL note: And another place……IYKWIM)

However, changing the place from which Wind was used didn't really change the strength of the magic.

But, if used with a powerful magic such as Wind Bomb, the situation changed.

For example, what would happen if you used Wind Bomb, while pushing off the ground with the foot?

The acceleration provided by the blast was enough to temporarily move faster than normal.

The warrior blood in Yuuto got him excited.

Fusion of Magic and Martial Arts.

It was an idea that could become Yuuto's aim in this world.

(So it is decided……Let's give it a try!)

Yuuto placed a hand on his chest and took a deep breath.

He pushed off the ground strongly while triggering Wind Bomb from the soles of his feet.

In a moment, a thunderous roar was heard.


His body was propelled forward 10 meters to a rocky place due to the blast.

It was a shocking speed that was clearly exceeding human limits.

He couldn't suppress his heartbeats.

(Haha…… This is……more than I thought……)

He decided that he would name his fast moving wind magic Leopard Gait.

If it was used during combat, two problems arises.

The first was that the shoes must be strong.

The leather shoes that he had obtained from the Orc mansion was in a sorry state due to the Wind Bomb.

It probably was necessary to buy suitable equipment on the way back.

The second was the need to increase the level of wind resistance.

Right now, Yuuto's right foot was bloody.

Indeed, it was unexpected that after being summoned to a different world, the first time he would be damaged was by his own magic.

However, since he found a way to use his new magic, Yuuto didn't have any regrets.

Yuuto smiled satisfactorily as he walked back to the inn, dragging his badly injured right leg.


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