Let's use magic

Let's use magic


Yuuto decided to disassemble the flock of bats in a place where he could see his surroundings.

As he diligently removes the fangs of the bats, Yuuto made sure to be vigilant of his surroundings. (TL note: CONSTANT VIGILANCE)

(Haah……finally finished.)

It took nine minutes of hard labor to remove them.

The battle ended in a moment, but Yuuto had to do mind-numbing work for a long time.

Konoe Yuuto
Unique ability
Ability Looting 
(Skill Taker)
Slave Contract
Demon Eyes
Wind Magic LV 1 (9/10)
Fire Resistance LV 1 (3/10)

Once he finished stripping the materials, it was time for the holy grail.

When he defeated the bats, he seemed to have gained Wind Magic.

He didn't think that it was possible for him to use magic.

Occupation seemed to have changed from Unemployed to Adventurer due to signing up at the guild.

Wind Magic LV 1
Available Magic

(Basic Magic of the Wind attribute)

According to the description from Demon Eyes, it was not possible to use any other magic because Wind Magic was only LV 1.

If the level is raised in the future, will the available magic also increase?

He decided to examine it in the near future.


Raising up his right hand, he cast the spell.

Immediately after that.


A gust of wind blows from Yuuto's palm.

……Eh? Only this much?

Its power was considerably lower than what he imagined.

It was doubtful it was as strong as an electric fan with a powerful battery. Its killing potential was nonexistent.

Hmm. I wonder if the skill level was not enough.

Determining that, Yuuto decided to look for a bat.

This is because, if Yuuto's guess was correct, by killing one more bat, the level of his wind magic would rise to 2.

However,  when looking for a monster, in both games and in real life, the monsters tend to to not come out.

This different world seems to have a greed sensor of some sort.


In the end, Yuuto succeeded in tracking down the tenth bat, and while on the way, he managed to defeat four red slime and two blue slime.

Having finished defeating the monster, Yuuto checked his status screen quickly.

Konoe Yuuto
Unique Ability:
Ability Looting 
(Skill Taker)
Slave Contract
Demon Eyes
Wind Magic LV 2 (0/20)
Fire Resistant LV 1 (7/10)
Water Resistant LV 1 (2/10)

Wind Magic's LV was up to 2 now and the number alongside it changed to (0/20)

(……It was like that after all.)

Yuuto was convinced that his guess was correct.

Number on the left side = Current experience value
Number on the right side = Necessary experience value

There shouldn't be a mistake in that guess.

Now that that was verified, Yuuto decided to move on to inspecting the Magic.


This time, he cast the spell while holding up his left hand.

The result…… it seemed that magic can be used with both hands.

And…… the power of the Wind Magic increased a little since it became LV 2.

With this much, it might be possible to lift up the skirt of a female high school student. (TL note: Perfect magic for perverts, get.)

……If it's only this level, it can't be used in combat.

It may be sad that he couldn't use magic in combat, so he must continue on the path of the warrior.

However, Konoe Ryuu Taijutsu had a philosophy of Using whatever techniques were available to win. It was natural for Yuuto to think of using Magic along with Martial Arts.

(I need to think a little bit more about how to deal with magic.)

He wanted to kill a monster with flashy magic.

Therefore, he needed to make full use of his 【Ability Looting (Skill Taker) 】, and increase the level of Wind Magic steadily.


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