Let's subdue the Kobolds

Let's subdue the Kobolds

Spica! Get down! 】」

In order to protect herself from the rocks thrown by the Kobolds, Yuuto ordered Spica with the Slave Contract.


Spica lies down on the ground instantly. Yuuto had learned sports that helped increase the combat potential of martial arts, and he could boast that he was one of the top players when it comes to Tennis. For Yuuto who could return a 200 kph serve leisurely, the stones thrown by the Kobolds didn't even seem to be moving.


Yuuto deflected the stones with the long sword in his hand. Naturally if he blindly countered, he wouldn't be able to return more than 50 stones that the Kobolds had thrown. However Yuuto's dynamic vision allowed him to counter only those that were deemed dangerous. <TL note: *cough* Darth Vader *cough*>




The stones countered by Yuuto hit the foreheads of Kobolds in a row. With each stone returned with the long sword……a Kobold died.

Wh-what are you……?

Ricardo was cowering, because since the Kobold had started the attack, their situation had only worsened. They were proud of Ricardo's leadership and trusted him deeply, as he was the famous general that had killed many adventurers. But even to Ricardo who was a veteran, Yuuto's combat capabilities was mysterious.

Retreat! Retreat!

This situation was totally unexpected. Ricardo immediately gave the Kobolds orders to retreat. Having being ordered by Ricardo, the Kobolds headed towards an emergency passage. As soon as the orders to retreat were given, the Kobolds disappeared in a hole that was less than 50 cm in diameter.

It was a change from the fierce battle from earlier. They were surrounded by silence. Therefore, Yuuto confirmed his status.

Konoe Yuuto
 Fire Magic LV 2 (6/20)
 Water Magic LV 3 (1/30)
 Wind Magic LV 3 (12/30)
 Holy Magic LV 2 (5/20)
 Fire Resistant LV 2 (15/20)
 Water Resistant LV 2 (15/20)
 Wind Resistant LV 2 (14/20)

It seemed that Fire Magic was pillaged due to defeating Kobolds. With this, he could now use four different types of magic. From the numbers, it seemed that he had defeated 16 Kobolds in the battle just now.
If Ricardo's decision to withdraw was late by a few seconds, they could have been completely wiped out. In that sense, Ricardo's judgment was spot on, if not for the fact that the adventurer who started the fight was evil.

Spica, could you find out what I need to claim the quest reward?

Y-yes! Um. For Kobold's it is their knives.

Heh. Taking them is an easy task.

Kobold Knife
(Kobold's knife is made by sharpening a rare mineral. It is not suitable as a weapon as it is too small for a human)

When Yuuto climbed a rock, he picked up a Kobold's knife.

Master! Shouldn't we withdraw here? The other side is obviously anticipating adventurers and has planned for it. It's too dangerous to blindly advance deeper!

No. Sorry, but I won't retreat. If my hunch is correct…… there should be an amazing treasure ahead.

After saying so, Yuuto walked leisurely deeper into the cave.


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