Let's strip the materials.

Let's strip the materials.

According to the documents he received from the Adventurer's Guild, red slime, blue slime and bats, the targets of his subjugation quests, lived in Ragul Mountains (Beginner). 

When he followed the map, he ended up on a familiar path.

(This is the path that lead to the Orc's mansion.)

Yuuto takes out the Orc Spear from the bag and continued on.


Bat Threat
LV 2

……Oh. Found one immediately.

The threat level is 2.

It seemed to be a rank higher than the Red Slime, and was approximately 60 cm long.
Overall, it had a lovely round shape, but large fangs peeked out of its mouth showing its killing capacity. (TL Note: A wild Golbat appeared.)

Kii! Kii!

Releasing a high-pitched cry the bat charges at Yuuto the moment it sees him.
Naturally, it was a lot faster than the slime. A human with normal reflex won't be able to avoid this attack.

……All right. That's the first one.

Yet, the bat ended up skewered on the tip of Yuuto's spear. 

Yuuto, who had mastered the Konoe Ryuu Taijutsu also boasted a great spear technique.  If it is a monster of this level, Yuuto could hum his way through them.

(Well. Let's see.)

According to the Guidebook, the bat's fang was needed to prove it's death.

Disposable Knife
(A knife provided by the Adventurer's Guild free of charge. Its low durability means it's not suitable as a melee weapon.)

The knife was part of the Novice Support Set that he had received from the receptionist at the guild. Along with the knife, was a water bottle and gloves, a map of the area surrounding the city and other necessities needed for travel.

Yuuto decided to strip the fangs from the carcass of the bat using the Disposable Knife.

(……This work takes some time.)

He opened the mouth of the bat and scraped the gums off the fangs with the disposable knife.

If this were a game world, the monster would have disappeared in smoke and only the necessary parts would remain, but reality is tough.

All right. Got the first one.

Bat Fang
(Material used in compounding specific medicine. Because the subjugation quest requires two fangs for one body, one has to be careful.)

Once done, Yuuto was about to sigh when he heard a roar.


Turning around, it took some time for Yuuto to notice the crowd of bats that attacked him with Wind Magic.  

The Wind Magic that the bats used did not hit Yuuto.

However, cold sweat formed on Yuuto's forehead as he was taken by surprise.

The number of enemies were eight.

Encountering a horde of monsters was unexpected. (TL note: A horde of Golbat's appeared. Good luck.)

「「「Kii! Kii! 」」」

The bats were enraged at Yuuto once they saw the corpse of a comrade.


The bats shot Wind magic continuously.

This time, Yuuto was able to dodge quite comfortably.

The place where Yuuto was earlier was gouged by the Wind Magic.

While being hit won't be fatal, its power was enough to definitely hurt.

When I was concentrating on my work……they attacked.

Yuuto readied himself for combat by picking up the spear.


The battle with the group of bats was disappointing, and finished quickly.

Even after a surprise attack, they were quite easy to deal with for Yuuto who had defeated armed Orcs barehanded.

The bats became dumplings skewered onto Yuuto's spear. (TL note: Bat dango anyone?)

However, Yuuto realized that he had underestimated the subjugation quest.

It could be possible that he had looked at this world as one would look at a game.

(If I fight alone…… At some point I'll come up against a wall.)

At least one partner is necessary to help with the quest.

Otherwise, he was defenseless when he had to collect the materials.

He would lose his life if he continued to fight like this.

Yuuto realized the importance of a 『partner』 with this experience.


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    It could be possible that he had looked at this world as one would look at a game.

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