Let's resolve the trouble with money

Let's resolve the trouble with money


Yuuto, having completed the quest, decided to wander the city of Expein.

Please……Release me!

As he was wandering the streets, Yuuto heard the voice of a girl.

When he turned towards the voice, he noticed a beautiful girl caught in between two thugs.

Spica Brunel
Unique Ability

Ah, that child……is the one from the inn……

He may have never noticed it without Demon Eyes.

It seems, Spica had honestly used the silver coin that she got from Yuuto to buy good clothes and fix her appearance.

She probably visited the barber shop and the bathhouse. 

Her clean hair that had been brushed helped accentuate her already beautiful figure.

You bitch. Hey! Shut up!
No! Somebody…… Please help me!

The town’s people continued on with their lives, ignoring the girl that was asking for help.

This represented the peace and order of this world.

Well. What's going on here?

It would be unpleasant to leave an acquaintance, a girl at that, alone when she is asking for help.

So Yuuto decided to call out to the man.

Huh!? Who……the hell………

Yu, Yuuto-san!?

Why would she know his name?

As Yuuto wondered that, he remembered that he had written his name when he checked in at the inn.

What is it? Are you an acquaintance? I'm sorry, but it is a problem between the three of us. Outsiders should stay away.

Well well, to say that, can't you at least tell me what the problem is?

The thug was overwhelmed by Yuuto's silent intimidation and unintentionally spills the beans.

We aren't doing anything illegal, you know? We are only here to collect the money that I lent. By the way, this is the IOU. The dead father of this girl had borrowed 50,000 rea from us.

I see. However, 50,000 rea is a lot to ask from a child, don't you guys think so?

Ah. We know, we were going to sell this girl off to the slave dealer and get the money from that. Although a smelly Lycan won't fetch money, but if you can fix up their appearance, they can fetch quite a lot.


(Ah. Is that so? I just handed a silver coin to this girl……)

Yuuto realized that the reason for Spica's misfortune was himself.

I know she is an acquaintance of yours, but there is nothing you can do here. If you have any complaints, why don't you pay the 50,000 rea.

Alright. I'll pay.

Yuuto made a prompt decision.

He was the reason Spica was in trouble after all.

Losing 50,000 rea was a considerable setback for Yuuto, but it was nothing if he could save one girl.

Cute girls must be treated gently.

Those were the words taught to Yuuto by his grandfather, the one who taught him the Konoe Ryuu Taijutsu. (TL note: Yuuto’s grandfather was a wise man. *nod nod*)

Spica was a beautiful girl, and Yuuto wanted to treat her gently.

Yuuto took out 5 gold coins, and placed it in the man's hand.

「「……Okay? 」」

The men were stunned as the money was given to them.

It was no wonder.

50,000 rea was a lot of money for people with a low income.

With this there shouldn't be any complaint? So why don't you let go of the girl.

……Ah, yes.

Also, could you pass over the IOU to me?

It. It was good doing business with you!

The men seemed to misunderstand something.

Because he had paid 50,000 rea immediately, they had thought Yuuto to be a famous adventurer.

Although there is no absolute number, famous adventurers are said to be quite friendly with the imperial family.

It wasn't a good idea to go against Yuuto here.

Having determined that, the duo handed the IOU over to Yuuto, and ran away as a child would run from a spider. (TL note: Run away, or Kumo-chan will come and eat you.)

(……Well. What's the deal with that?)

He didn't regret helping Spica, but he did spend most of his funds here.

Yuuto's funds have been reduced to 14950 rea due to this.

Yuuto let out a small sigh as his wallet was now lighter.


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