Let's put water magic to use

Let's put water magic to use

That night Yuuto decided to train Magic in the mansion's garden. Since there was a wall built around the estate, he could devote himself to magic training without worrying about prying eyes. It was another reason why Yuuto had bought the mansion so quickly.


When he chanted in his mind, a ball of ice appeared in Yuuto's right hand. While he could only reduce the temperature of water at first, he could now even create ice. Solidification of water magic was a new technique that he had acquired by training his magic every day.

Yuuto threw the ice ball using the Baseball pitching technique aiming at the trunk of the largest tree in the garden. Momentarily, the ice broke with a whoomp and a large amount of the tree was caved in by it.

(With this much power……I could certainly use it in a fight……)

Till now, Yuuto had used the primitive method of throwing stones picked up from the ground as his long distance attack. But with this recent experiment, he could now possibly use the ball of ice as a substitute. Using water magic also had the added benefit of not having to take out a stone from his bag. Furthermore water magic had another advantage.

(Let's change the shape this time……)

Yuuto chanted in his mind, and transformed the lump of ice into a sharp icicle. Yuuto threw the icicle as if he would throw a knife, and it pierced the tree trunk deeply.

With water magic, it was possible to create several different types of throwing weapons by changing the appearance. A weapon did not have such a high versatility.

(All right. Next is……)

Yuuto moved to the next agenda once he was satisfied with the throwing weapons. He created a lump of ice in the image of a chakram with its outer edge sharpened. Yuuto threw the chakram at the tree, aiming at one of its branches.

The thrown chakram cut through the tree branch easily and the branch fell to the ground as its leaves rustled.

(The practical application is quite good……)

Depending on the circumstances, crushing, piercing, and slicing, all three types of ranged weapons could be made. For maintaining Dominance in battle through flexibility that Konoe Ryuu Taijutsu placed most importance in, making throwing weapons out of water magic was extremely beneficial.

Once he finished experimenting his ranged magic, Yuuto moved on to Tentacle Magic. Synthesizing Magic was extremely difficult and still remained a challenge. There was room for improvement in the number, length and the duration of the tentacles.

Wait for me. Spica, Sylphia……

Yuuto's nature was to concentrate on training when something erotic was involved, so the mastering of Tentacle Magic continued at a wonderful speed.


After the training ended, it was the time for a bath. Since he had explored the house, Yuuto had been looking forward to this. At the inn they had been staying till now, there was only a shower and not bathtub. Because of that it was the first time Yuuto was taking a bath since he arrived at Trywide.

In the mansion there were three baths, a small bathhouse, a medium bathhouse and a large communal bathhouse. The method to boil water was available with Water Magic Stone and Fire Magic Stone. Spica had said that various magic stones could be bought from guild certified stores, but they are expensive. While it was luxurious to use the large bathhouse, boiling that amount of water would only consume the magic stones quicker. So Yuuto decided to enter the small bathhouse and relax.


After bath time ended, it was time for bed. The magic training had taken longer that he thought they would. It had become late very quickly. He had told Spica and Sylphia to take a bath earlier and go to sleep. Yuuto returned to his room in his pajamas with his body warm.

Huh……? What's the matter, you two?

Spica and Sylphia were in Yuuto's room wearing their negligee.

Excuse me, Master. But I couldn't calm down in the large room……being all alone.

Th-there's no deep meaning in this. It is my duty as a knight to protect my master's body!

I see. Then will the three of us sleep together today?

The two beautiful girls smiled at Yuuto's proposal. In the end even though they moved to a bigger house, the fact that they slept on the same bed did not change.


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  3. Why are you torturing that poor tree?!? What did it do to you? XD

  4. Why are you torturing that poor tree?!? What did it do to you? XD

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  6. And in Eroville they say, those 3 banged 5 times that day.

  7. And in Eroville they say, those 3 banged 5 times that day.

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