Let's prepare equipment

Let's prepare equipment


Yuuto finished verifying his magic and decided that it was time to return to the guild and hand the quest in.

He was fatigued from using magic, something that his body was not accustomed to.

Will this problem be solved if one uses magic repeatedly?

He was relieved to realize the various problems he might face in the future today.

Yuuto had thought he would be able to live in this different world with just his talent for martial arts.

Now, he decided to upgrade his equipment before taking on any quests tomorrow.

Congratulations. Here is the reward of 400 rea for the bat subjugation quest.

……Thank you.

You will also be awarded 20 QP at the same time. With this, your QR has raised to LV 2. It's now possible for you challenge quests of a higher difficulty from tomorrow.

I got it.

Yuuto verifies the updated guild card.

Konoe Yuuto

With 10 more QP, he could promote to QR 3.

Raising the QR was a good thing, but with his current conditions, he was reluctant to take on quests of a higher difficulty.

Right now, the best policy would be to steadily accumulate experience and money with quests of lower difficulty.

As for the reward I just handed to you……You should use it to upgrade your equipment at the guild authorized store.

Eh? Is there such a thing?

Yes. It should be written in the guidebook I had given you in detail.


(Say something important like that to me directly!)

Yuuto decided to keep these words to himself.

It was scary to offend someone like Emilia who possessed the unique ability Disruption (Magic Breaker) .

Of course, it was his own fault that he did not look through the guide book before going out.

Yuuto parted with Emilia and arrived at the guild authorized store.


Welcome. Oh. It's the first time meeting you.

Adolph Rudolph
Guild Staff
Unique Ability

(A skill that determines the rarity of equipment and items. Demon Eyes is the superior version of this.)

As soon as Yuuto set foot in the shop, he was greeted by a muscular middle aged man with a stubble.

Are you an adventurer? I can fix you up with some good equipment, but you should better form a party at the tavern. Going on subjugation quests all alone is suicidal after all.  Gahahahaha! (TL note: I wonder why Emilia never asked him about a party……)


(Something like that……… tell me sooner!)

Quests like these are reckless to take on solo, but it was manageable for someone with Yuuto's training in martial arts.

However, Yuuto's opinion about adventurers was decreasing more and more.

The reward money would be pitiful if it was divided amongst just two people.

Or……… is this a world where day laborers were paid such small amounts?

Wonder if low class workers can't help but be exploited?

Yuuto was again made to realize that this was reality.

If you are looking for equipment, I'd recommend this for beginners!

Adventurer's Knife
(Knife favored by fledgling adventurers. its sharpness is markedly greater than the disposable knife)


He agreed with what was said.

The knife that was part of the Novice Support set was dull.

If a sharper knife is used, the time to strip materials of a monster would be greatly reduced.

This will cost you 700 rea……… But because you seem like a nice guy, I'll take only 600 from you.

(This price……… seemed reasonable.)

It had been only two days since arriving in this world, but Yuuto managed to grasp the basic value of money.

Roughly speaking, 1 rea should equal to 10 yen.

So it was natural that the list price of a knife used by adventurer's to be 7000 yen.

Long Sword
(Weapon favored by fledgling adventurers. It is easy to handle for anyone.)

How much is the sword?

Yuuto pointed at the sword that was displayed in the shop.

Hmm. That one's price is 1500 rea. Are you confident in your sword arm?

……Yeah. Well, somewhat.

In the sense that he wanted to use a sword as a main instead of a spear.

Since you look like a good man, I'll take 2000 rea for the sword and the knife from before. It's a special service this time〜」

I'll buy them.

Yuuto's decision was prompt.

He had a feeling that the guild authorized store would have reasonable prices.

There wasn't a risk of being ripped off in this store.

And with Adolph having the Appraisal ability, he won't make any mistakes in attaching prices to items.

(But the way that this person is looking at me……… gives me chills……)

One would lose if they are concerned about it.

There are people with strange preferences anywhere in the world.

By the way, can I also sell items that I got during quests at this store?

Since it was a guild authorized shop, Yuuto decided to take advantage of it.

Ah. It depends on the thing, but if price tag can be put on it, it will be bought.

Then I would like you to verify these please.

Saying that, Yuuto takes out several items from the Magic Bag.

Orc Spear × 7 pieces
Orc Wand × 1 piece
Legendary Orc Sword × 1 piece
Kobold Long Pipe × 1 piece
Adventurer's clothes × 11 pieces

With this, the entire bag was nearly emptied.

Based on future need, Yuuto had kept two orc spears and four adventurer's clothes for himself.

Hey hey. Rank 6!? Where did you………

Adolph started to say, but controlled himself.

…… That was rude of me. According to the rules, I'm not supposed to pry the source of the adventurer's items. Our business is based on trust after all. Forgive me.

No no. It's not a thing to be guilty about. I got it from an acquaintance.

Yuuto lied in a nonchalant manner.

That's right. One Orc spear is worth 800 rea. The Wand is 1100 rea, while the Adventurer's clothes are 200 rea. But I cannot buy the rest of the items.

……Does that mean a price tag can't be put on these?

Ah. That's not it. It's the opposite, in fact. Because they are expensive goods, it's difficult for me to buy them. While I could buy them, but things with rank 3 or higher rarity are usually put up for auction as they fetch a better price. ……Of course you won't know that unless you had Appraisal. We also act as an intermediate with the seller and the auction house. Will it be alright if I do that?

I see. Can you auction the Legendary Orc Sword and Kobold Long Pipe?

Yes. Definitely. In that case, here is 8900 rea for that rest of the items.

Thank you.

The auction bidding period is for 48 hours that is arranged by the Guild. In other words, you will get your money the day after tomorrow.

I got it. Thank you for everything.

As Yuuto tried to leave the shop, Adolph's deep laugh stopped him.

Even though your occupation is that of an adventurer……… you are not an ordinary person. Your atmosphere………is that of a tycoon. Looking forward to working with you.

……Thank you very much. But please, don't expect too much.

Yuuto responds with humble words.

(……That was good. The concern about stolen goods was solved with this.)

With the extraordinary amount of 8900 rea from selling, and 400 rea from the quest rewards, Yuuto's funds increased to 64950 rea.

Furthermore, he would make a good income from the items up for auction.

Yuuto left the shop triumphantly after putting the 8 silver coins and 9 copper coins in his bag.


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