Let's go to the new hunting grounds

Let's go to the new hunting grounds

Good morning, master.

Good morning, Spica.

Yuuto stretched lightly as he ascertained the condition of his body. He had recovered the physical strength that had been used up during last night's magic training and the discomfort that he felt in his foot till the day before had also healed.

Having decided to resume the subjugation quests from today, Yuuto headed towards the adventurer's guild with Spica in tow.


Good morning. Yuuto-sama's QR is now level 5. Would you like to see the new quests that are available from today?

Yes, please.

Emillia turned the page of the thick book when Yuuto affirmed.

Subjugation Quest

●Scissor Crab Subjugation
Required QR
Completion Criteria
 Subdue 10 scissor crabs.
 600 rea & 20 QP

●Kobold Subjugation
Required QR
Completion Criteria
 Subdue 10 Kobold
 800 rea & 30 QP

Because his QR had increased to 5, the remuneration for the new subjugation quests were high. The reward for Kobold's were especially attractive. Compared to the initial slimes, the reward had jumped by four times.

(But suddenly taking a quest of rank 5 is a bit too much.)

Since he had not finished the rank 2 fairy subjugation and rank 3 scissor crab subjugation till now, he decided to make them his top priority. He wanted to gradually increase the degree of difficulty.

Fortunately, both the fairy and the scissor crab along with the green slime that he was yet to encounter could be found in Forest of Orleans. Yuuto headed towards the Forest of Orleans (Beginner) with a map in hand.


The Forest of Orleans (Beginner) was only a 60 minute walk from Expein. The physical burden was less than travelling to Ragul Mountain (Beginner) as there was no slope.

Master! I can smell some monsters already. But I don't know what kind of monsters they are since I've never smelled them before.

……No, that's enough. Awesome, Spica.

It was hard to look for a monster in a forest and he had come to rely on Spica's sense of smell.

 Threat LV 3

Scissor Crab
 Threat LV 4

As a clearing opened up amongst the trees, immediately he noticed the two monsters that he was looking for today at the same time. There were three fairies and five scissor crabs.

This was a good start.

Master, Please be careful. Scissor crab isn't very vast, but its scissors are strong enough to cut through a human's wrist.

……Ah, those scissors are quite dangerous.

The scissor crab was about 60 cm in length. But its scissors were strangely developed.

The direct combat capabilities of fairies is low, but it can help recover a monster from the back. A bow is especially effective against them as they tend to flee if they are approached.

……Run away? So there's a monster like that too. Spica is well-informed.

No. It was written in the booklet that the Adventurer's Guild provided……


Master, did you not take a good look at it till now?

Yuuto was the type of person that skipped the manual when playing a game. That is to say Yuuto had gone on an adventure with Spica without having collected the necessary information. 

Well, let's concentrate on the enemy in front of us!

Yuuto blatantly switched the topic. Speaking of a fairy, it might sound like a good thing, but the enemy in front of him was not cute at all. Fairy was a monster that was approximately 30 cm tall, and looked like a bee with a human face.

(I had fought without any plans till now……but it seems I need to fight strategically in the future.)

If using the experience from an RPG, it would be best to target the recovery part of the rear guard first. Having decided that, Yuuto charged towards the fairy as he unsheathed his long sword. However, the five scissor crabs blocked Yuuto's path as they protected the fairies.

Nuo! You're in my way! You bastard!

Yuuto rushed the fairy without care. He mowed down any enemy that came in his way with his long sword. The scissor crabs were all taken out with a single blow from Yuuto as they were sent flying. They collided with trees violently, before sliding down while blowing bubbles from their mouth. The fairies realized the desperate difference in power began escaping in every direction.

Wait! Hey!

Yuuto chased after the fairies and slashed one diagonally across its back. When the first fairy died, the other two were already 20 meters away from Yuuto. If he ran after them, he might leave Spica behind, so Yuuto threw his long sword at them.

Of course, a long sword is not a weapon made to be thrown naturally. But with Yuuto's accuracy, it successfully pierces the back of a fairy.

Sorry, Spica. Though you found them with so much effort, I let one get away.

The third fairy had disappeared from Yuuto's view.


Spica was stunned by the unreasonable strength of Yuuto. If one looked at it from the beginning, the outer shell of scissor crab is very strong, and it is not a monster that can be defeated in one blow. The booklet provided by the guild states scissor crab as a monster that is superior in slashing resistant, but weak to crushing attacks, and recommended the use of an iron hammer when fighting two or more. To go through them as if they were wastepaper with a long sword was clearly abnormal.

Furthermore, a human cannot match a fairies speed. It is recommended to subdue it from afar with a bow. Spica thought it was an ability unique to Yuuto to chase down a fairy and cut across its back.


Master's way of fighting……is too messed up……

Having finished the day’s adventure, Spica unintentionally says those words. The words were her sincere feelings.

Scissor crabs × 31
Fairy × 15
Green slime × 24

That was the number of monsters that Yuuto defeated in a day. He had managed to successfully defeat a large amount of monsters. He looked forward to the skills plundered through his Skill Taker ability.


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