Let's go to the adventurer's guild

Let's go to the adventurer's guild

The street map was pasted everywhere in the city.

Because of that, it didn't take long for Yuuto to get to the adventurer's guild after leaving the inn.

The adventurer's guild was made out of stone and was bigger than the surrounding buildings, and inside it was teeming with people.

They had a sword or an axe equipped, making them look like the stereotypical adventurer.

Hello. How may I help you?

The beautiful receptionist onee-san asked Yuuto.

Although comparing with Spica would be rude, the onee-san was an elegant woman.

She was probably the daughter of a noble.

Her good upbringing could be clearly seen from her appearance.

Emilia Garnett
Guild Staff
Unique Ability:
Disruption   (Magic Breaker)

Disruption (Magic Breaker) 
(The ability to cancel all magic with a touch.)

He withdrew his previous remarks.

(What the hell is this onee-san!?)

Yuuto was speechless at discovering a hero-like unique ability.

……Ah, yes. Actually, it's my first time here. Is there any work that I can do?

……I understand. I'll give you some advice. To use our facilities, you must have an adventurer card. To issue a card, you must pay 300 rea, is there any problems?

Yes. No problem.

Then please fill in this form and sign here.

After entering his name, he handed back the paper to Emilia.

……Konoe Yuuto, You can now use the guild facilities. I will explain them to you.

Emilia continued in a familiar tone.

The adventurer's guild……… is a place where individuals and countries post quests, which the adventurer can then fulfill. The contents of the quest can range from subduing a demon to searching for a cat. Once a quest has been completed, the adventurer gains QP or quest points based on the difficulty of the quest.

……Excuse me. What is QP?

It is used to determine your QR or quest rank. QR determines whether an adventurer is reliable or not.

A higher QR means that you can accept quests of a higher difficulty…… you can also take a loan from the bank easily.

I see. I understand.

The guild card guarantees identity…… when I heard that, I thought it was too good to be true, but know I understand why.

Trust is needed to live in this world, and to gain that, one must diligently complete quests.

Issuing of your guild card has been completed. Do you want to receive a quest immediately?

Yes, please.

Okay. Here's a list of quests that you can take based on your current QR.

Subjugation Quests

●Subjugation of Red Slime
Required QR
LV 1
Completion criteria
Subdue 10 red slimes.
200 rea & 10 QP

●Subjugation of Blue Slime
Required QR
LV 1
Completion criteria
Subdue 10 blue slimes.
200 rea & 10 QP

●Subjugation of Bat
Required QR
LV 1
Completion criteria
Subdue 10 bats
400 rea & 20 QP

Search Quests

●Search for the lost dragon child
Required QR
LV 1
Completion criteria
Find and return the lost dragon child to the adventurer's guild.
8000 rea

Ah…… About the subjugation quests, how do I prove that I've defeated the monster?

The details are in the pamphlet that I'd hand over once the quest is accepted, but you basically need to bring back a part of the monster.

For example, you need to bring back the Red Slime Nucleus for the red slime.

……I see.

(However, the reward for the subjugation quests are low.)

If he succeeded in all three types, he would only get 800 rea.

In two nights, he'd spend the money if he stayed at that ragged inn.

All this quests are for an indefinite time period. If you are good, you may accept all of them at the same time. What do you think?

I'll accept them altogether.

Certainly. Since this is your first time, I need to give you the Novice Support Set. Please use it freely.

Thank you very much.

Come here once you are done with the quests. Good luck on your journey.

Apparently, beginners get help from the guild to prepare for their adventure.

Having received the Novice Support Setgratefully from Emilia, Yuuto left the adventurer's guild.

(This……will be first job in this different world.)

Yuuto's chest was filled with a mixture of excitement and anxiety.


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