Let's explore the house

Let's explore the house

The next morning Yuuto told Spica and Sylphia that He had something to show them and took them to the new house. The two looked at each other in wonder, as they were also told to Bring their luggage. He decided to keep the fact that he had bought a new house a secret. Instead of saying it, he wanted to surprise them by showing it.


After walking for 20 minutes. Yuuto arrived at the destination, their new home.

Um, Master? This place is……?

It looks like a noble's residence. What business do we have here?

Spica and Sylphia ask questions one after the other as they fail to understand Yuuto's intentions.

From today onwards, this will be our home.

Yuuto said proudly.


……Master!? Are you sure!?

Spica and Sylphia widened their eyes in surprise. The two's reaction was extremely normal. It was a mansion that a mere adventurer could not even think of buying. On the contrary, it was something that even a renowned noble might never have.

Ah, I got lucky and managed to buy it cheap. Therefore from today, this is our base. Don't hesitate to choose your own room.

Having said so, Yuuto walked towards the mansion. He only reached the garden are when something happened.

Master! Please look! A fish! There are fish swimming in the pond! Why does this house have fish? Amazing!

Ah, a rich person keeps fish in a pond at their home so that they can eat it anytime they want.

Is that so!? Amazing! Rich people are amazing!

Tonight is special, so Spica can eat what she wants. You can even eat the fish that only rich people eat.

I-indeed, it looks to be extremely delicious……

While staring at the fish in the pond with admirations, Spica began salivating.

……Spica dono. Just so you know, the fish that you are admiring, cannot be eaten.

Sylphia interrupted the two's exchange with a tsukkomi.


After entering the mansion, Yuuto decided to explore it thoroughly. There were nearly 100 large and small rooms in the three story building. Exploring all of it was hard work. In the end when they finished exploring the mansion, it had already been 3 hours since their arrival.

Fuu…… It's larger than I thought.

Yuuto exhaled heavily as he laid down on the bed to rest. The distribution of the room went unexpectedly smoothly. Yuuto had the central room, Spica was to his right while Sylphia was to his left. Since summoned to Trywide it had been a while since Yuuto had slept on a bed alone. While he felt lonely, it would be a shame to not use the rooms of such a large house. As a result of exploring the mansion Yuuto had discovered two things.

He needed to employ a housekeeper to take care of this huge mansion.

He also needed to hire a gatekeeper to keep unwanted people out.

They were not immediately needed, but would become necessary in the future. Thinking that, Yuuto decided to rest on the bed. After the break was over, it was time to train magic.


  1. Can't to see what sexy and cute girls he hires.

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  3. If this plays out realistically, our protagonist should, in a few months' time, belatedly realize that he's hosting an infestation of orcs, 1-2 bandit gangs, a prostitution ring, and a squatting beast race village somewhere on his premises...

  4. He should have just taken over the orc mansion he had killed the orcs in before. It would be free, and further away from riffraff.
    He would just need to cleanse the area of demons and orcs first.