Let's expand the slave harem

Let's expand the slave harem


The slave trading firm that Adolph introduced to him was about a 5 minutes’ walk from the adventurer's guild.

(……Businesses like this are usually found in places where they don't attract attention, aren't they?)

Yuuto wondered as he stood in from of the slave trading firm that stood magnificently in the center of the town.

Welcome. Are you visiting our store for the first time?

Jill Anderson
 Slave Trader
Unique ability
 Slave Contract

When Yuuto set his foot in the store, a petite middle aged man with a Kaiser beard spoke.

Ah. I was introduced to this store by the adventurers' guild.

Is that so……the adventurers' guild recommended you, did they? This shop works on a membership system. If you could provide some sort of ID, I could enter your name in.

I understand.

Yuuto showed his guild registration card and signed the document.

Thank you. Konoe Yuuto…… what brought you here today? Just a few days ago, we stocked up on some robust male dwarves. They are perfect for subjugation quests. How is it? How about taking one for your expedition?

As soon as Yuuto finished registering Jill began his sales pitch.

Jill pointed towards small men who are about 150 cm tall that have been chained up.

All of them were wearing a uniform and had long beards, and their gazes turned hostile the moment they saw Yuuto.

Even though the slaves were chained, they were doing what they wished.

Yuuto guessed that they had been given the order Don't leave the building with the slave contract ability.

……Nah. Because my first slave was a girl, I think my second slave should be a girl too.

When Yuuto said so, Jill smiles wryly.

I'm sorry. I cannot recommend taking a female slave at this time. From about two months ago, a certain gentleman has bought several female slaves, increasing their price.

……A gentleman?

We build our business on trust, so I cannot give you the name but he is a famous noble. But because of the circumstances……I cannot recommend buying a slave girl in this town.

I see. It was like that.

Apparently, the timing was bad.

Still, he didn't want to buy a dwarf like Jill was suggesting.

It was punishment for Yuuto to be accompanied by an old man in his journey.

However, he was hesitant to return like this.

I would like to at least see the slave, for future reference. Is that possible?

I understand. I will bring the products, please wait inside that room.

Yuuto went to the private room that Jill had pointed out to him.

It was a simple room with only a table and 2 chairs.

(Maybe……I might be able to obtain a second harem member today……)

Yuuto sat down on the chair and restlessly waited for Jill's arrival.


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    1. Mustn't jinx it, mustn't jinx it, mustn't jinx it.

      Mixed gender harem is not possible, unless atleast the owner is a Bi, and maybe the slaves of the minority gender, or unless they're herms, which are rarely seen in most novels, or atleast as far as i've heard for now.

  2. Thanks for the chapter! Reverse Trap desu~

  3. Thanks for the chapter! Reverse Trap desu~

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