Let's Develop Original Magic

Let's Develop Original Magic

It was a long first trip to Orleans Forest (Intermediate) due to the travel time. Even though they had taken a break halfway and had a light meal with the food bought from the adventurer's guild, fatigue had accumulated in Yuuto's body.

The monsters that he had subdued during the day's adventure were as follows.

Lizard Man × 22
Skeleton × 24

In the end he could not find any Woodheads. Thinking that they were camouflaging themselves amongst trees, he had actively use Demon Eyes, but to no avail. It was regrettable that he couldn't subdue it, but it was not a problem. The number of monsters subjugated was quite favorable.


Today's quests grant 40 QP to Yuuto-sama. With this, Yuuto-sama's QR was promoted.

Yuuto checked the updated registration card.

Konoe Yuuto

QR had increased from 10 to 11. Subjugation quests up to QR 9 would not provide any QP for someone of QR 10. Therefore, under present conditions it was impossible to gain QR unless he subdued Lizardmen or Woodheads.

(I need to visit Orleans Forest more frequently for a while……)

Today's quest reward was 5400 rea. The breakdown was that with 20 Lizardmen he got 2400 rea and with 20 Skeleton he got 3000 rea. Since Skeleton Subjugation was a lower level quest, the reward was boosted due to his promotion to bronze class. However, if that was the advantage, the disadvantage was that he did not get any QP for them. Yuuto received the reward from Emilia and left the adventurer's guild.


Having returned to the inn Yuuto checked his status screen.

Konoe Yuuto
 Fire Magic LV 3 (22/30)
 Water Magic LV 4 (37/40)
 Wind Magic LV 3 (20/30)
 Holy Magic LV 2 (5/20)
 Curse Magic LV 2 (13/20)
 Fire Resistant LV 3 (1/30)
 Water Resistant LV 3 (0/30)
 Wind Resistant LV 2 (14/20)

Water Magic
 LV 4 
Available Magic
 Water Bomb

He did not acquire any new magic even though Water Magic became Level 4. It seemed that the experience value gained from Lizardmen was three times that of a conventional monster. Because of that, the growth of Water magic had been greater than the rest of them.

He checked Curse Magic next.

Curse Magic
 LV 2
Available Magic

(Magic that increases the sexual sensitivity of the target)

(Suddenly……an awesome magic appeared)

That was Yuuto's frank impression. Would it be a good thing to try out this magic? Yuuto raised his right hand in worry as he chanted.


Immediately after that a black haze was released from Yuuto's right hand. For a moment, he couldn't feel any visible changes. Was the effect shown when the black haze is touched? Judging that, Yuuto tried to touch the black haze with his left hand.


Momentarily a strange pleasure flowed through Yuuto's whole body.

(This is dangerous!? I almost……ended up listening to my own gasping!)

The experience was enough to let Yuuto know of the fear of Curse Magic.

(Concerning this magic……I need to be very careful in researching it……)

Specifically, he wanted to test it out on Spica and Sylphia. However, Yuuto wanted to use this special magic at a critical moment!.

(Since Water Magic rose to level 4, maybe I should verify that.)

Yuuto moved to the bathroom in order to test the magic without any constraints. Holding up his right hand, he cast the spell.  


Water is released vigorously from his left hand. There seem to be a slight increase in the amount of water. However, no matter how much it increased in quantity, water would still remain water. Unless it was against monsters such as the red slime that was weak to it, it didn't seem too useful in close combat. But in the next moment an idea appeared in Yuuto's mind.

(Wait. Is it possible……to create hot water with magic?)

In the short period of time that Yuuto had trained in Magic in Trywide, he had come to understand the nature of magic. Imagination was the most important factor.

(Since power could be adjusted……it should be possible to adjust the temperature as well……!)

Having being convinced of the fact, Yuuto continued his Water Magic research.


The result of the research was just as Yuuto had expected. It was possible to adjust the temperature of water to some extent. The accurate numerical value was not confirmed, but he guessed he could change the temperature to something within the range of 0 and 40 degrees. It would be convenient if he could adjust the temperature during battle. What surprised him was the fact that not just the Temperature, he could also alter the Texture.

Oh……this is amazing……

Yuuto muttered as his right hand produced gelatinous, syrupy water. In fact it was a widely known training method in Trywide to change the texture of water. However there weren't many people who would actually complete this training. The reason being that changing the texture of water to gel-like was something the residents of Trywide found useless.

(Oi oi. Perhaps I just……came up with a brilliant idea……!)

The idea was something that Yuuto came up with due to the idiosyncrasies planted into him by the modern Japanese subculture. The synthesis of Magic. It was something that any Duo magician would try at least once. But the combination that Yuuto thought of was something unheard of in Trywide.

(Is it possible……to add Lewd Magic to this gelatinous liquid……)

Yuuto swallowed hard as he attempted it. Immediately after the Lewd Magic flowed into the gelatinous liquid successfully as it turned black. It's less than 10 cm in length but he could increase it with further training.

……Shit! This takes……a considerable amount of energy.

Compared to conventional magic, synthetic magic consumed a lot more energy. Having used up his magic, Yuuto collapsed, exhausted. However Yuuto succeeded in creating the Magic that he had imagined.

Tentacle Magic

That was the real nature of the magic that Yuuto had imagined.

(To freely manipulate tentacles……was my childhood dream……)

With this experiment, Yuuto felt that he had kick started the development of 《Tentacle Magic》.


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    Curse Magic
    LV 2
    Available Magic

    (Magic that increases the sexual sensitivity of the target)

    (Suddenly……an awesome magic appeared)
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    Compared to conventional magic, synthetic magic consumed a lot more energy. Having used up his magic, Yuuto collapsed, exhausted. However Yuuto succeeded in creating the Magic that he had imagined.

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