Let's collect rare items

Let's collect rare items

Ooh…… Is this the Divine Tree……?

When Yuuto arrived at the Divine Tree, he couldn't help but cry out in admiration.

Transparency Fruit
 Rarity ☆☆☆☆
(Changes the surroundings of one's figure transparent. Effective for 1 hour.)

Deodorant Fruit
 Rarity ☆☆
(Removes the body odor of the person it is used on. Effective for 1 hour.)

Child Fruit
 Rarity ☆☆
(Age reduces by 5 years. Effective for 5 hours. Frequent use may destroy physical condition.)

Adult Fruit
 Rarity ☆☆
Age increases by 5 years.  Effective for 4 hours. Frequent use may destroy physical condition.)

Rejuvenation Fruit
 Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
(Reduces the actual age by 1 year. The effect is permanent.)

It was an ordinary tree except for the wooden fence that surrounded it. However, Yuuto was fascinated by the fruits that grew on the Divine Tree that his Demon Eyes skill identified. Yuuto was especially towards the Rejuvenation Fruit that looked like a golden apple. It had a rarity rank of 7. He recently sold a weapon of the same rank for 2.4 million rea. It must be a tremendously valuable item.

For now……you may take all the items that have ripened today.


Yuuto said timidly as he pointed at the Rejuvenation Fruit.

Do you mean……that the golden fruit is also included?

Ah, naturally. Since the rarity of the items that can be harvested from the Divine Tree tend to be uneven, there is a possibility that you might get an excellent item.

Ririna replied as if it was common sense.

(……Is that so? Am I the only one that realized the actual value of the Rejuvenation Fruit?)

The four people with Yuuto did not possess the Demon Eyes skill, and thus did not pay much attention to the Divine Tree.

Ririna oneechan, is that the Divine Tree nanodesu? It seems……rather dull nodesu.

Sanya, who was doing things at her own pace, spoke such words unintentionally.

Hey! You'll be cursed if you say something like that! You!


Sanya cried cutely when Ririna poked her in the forehead. He could use ice chakrams to harvest the fruits faster, but since he could hurt the Divine Tree, Yuuto decided against it. Instead, Yuuto climbed the Divine Tree and harvested the items. As a result, he managed to obtain the following items.

Transparency Fruit × 

Deodorant Fruit × 

Child Fruit ×5 

Adult Fruit ×4 

Rejuvenation Fruit ×

Out of all of them, Child Fruit and Adult Fruit caught Yuuto's attention the most.

(With this item……I could play a prank on Spica and Sylphia and turn them into lolis, and then we can have the forbidden bed-wetting play……?) 

Yuuto obtained an item that was full of romance and fuelled his dreams.


Here we are, The Cait Sith Village should be just ahead.

At the same time as Yuuto was harvesting items from the Divine Tree. Tanaka Kazuya and 20 people that were his subordinates from the Scarlet Distortion thief group were currently in the vicinity of the Cait Sith Village.

Just ahead? But I can't see a village.

That's because our eyes are being deceived by the barrier they had set up.

Imp, Bellphegor's subordinate answered Kazuya's question.

To enter this barrier……you need the Seal Breaker Magic Stone. Like this.

He held the magic stone in his hands up towards the sky. Shortly after, a big hole appeared amongst the Nothing in front of them.

Heh. That guy is amazing.

Kazuya ignored the murmur and took one of his subordinates and entered the hole. Kazuya's expression implied a tragedy was coming, and he was stained by wickedness.


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