Let's buy something at the auction

Let's buy something at the auction

The next morning Yuuto decided to go on an expedition the moment he woke up. Since they had been busy, they had not been able to go on one for a while. It had been two days since he last went to the adventurer's guild. In order to earn money and improve his abilities, it was essential to complete subjugation quests. In order to make up for the gap, Yuuto left his home at a quick pace.


Oya, welcome.

While he had left the house to take on some subjugation quests, Yuuto decided to drop by the store before going to adventurer's guild. The reason for it being that he still had the excess 400,000 rea from the auction sale in his bag. Because of that, Yuuto decided to buy items necessary for an adventurer.

I heard the story from Rikaruth. Lad, you bought a new house, didn't you?

Yes, thanks to you. I must thank you for everything.

That's good. So, what will it be today?

Um, do you sell magic stones in this shop?

What, magic stones? Of course, of course.

Adolph picked up a box from under the table while humming in high spirits. When he opened it, Yuuto saw three different types of magic stones inside.

Fire Magic Stone
(A magic stone made from the nucleus of the red slime. It holds the power of fire.)

Water Magic Stone
(A magic stone made from the nucleus of the blue slime. It holds the power of water.)

Wind Magic Stone
(A magic stone made from the nucleus of the blue slime. It holds the power of wind.)

They were 5 cm in diameter, and shined beautifully like red, blue and green colored jewels.

The Fire Magic Stone and Water Magic Stone would cost you 500 rea each. I'll sell the Wind Magic Stone for 100 rea. Well, no matter where you buy these three from, the price won't change.

……I see.

According to Spica one Water Magic Stone can be used in the small bath 5 times. In that case, the monthly cost of Water Magic Stone becomes 3000 rea. There will be a further cost to use the Fire Magic Stone to heat the water. Is it due to demand that the price of Wind Magic Stone was cheaper that the other two?

(If baths every month cost 30,000 rea……it is certainly something an average person can afford.)

However Magic Stones are an indispensable item from now on for their livelihood. When exploring the house, He found out that space for inserting Magic Stones exist in the kitchen and the washroom. The use of Magic Stones isn't limited to just baths in Trywide.

Can I have 10 Fire Magic Stones and 10 Water Magic Stones please?

Aiyo, of course.

Adolph placed the magic stones in a flaxen bag as per Yuuto's demand and handed it to him. The total sum was 10,000 rea.  Even though the items were daily necessities, they were severely expensive.

(……In the future, it might be better to use magic to create bath water)

There may also be other methods to reduce the usage of Water Magic Stone that he should look for. Using all types of magic can come in handy in situations other than fighting.

We only sell these three types of magic stone, so if you want something else, we can order it from other stores.

Um, could you tell me what other type of magic stones are there?

Fumu. For example, there is the Curse Magic Stone and Holy Magic Stone. Then there are High Purity Magic Stones that are more powerful than regular magic stones. Although……the only way to get extremely rare magic stones is to successfully bid for them at an auction,

……I see. By the way, can I participate in the auction?

Well, in order to directly bid for an item, one must be found qualified by the Merchant's Guild. But you can indirectly take part through an agent. If there is a specific item you want, maybe I could bid for it in your place?


Ah, normally I'd ask for a 10% commission on the successful bid……but since lad is a good person, I'll reduce it. For you, I'll give a discounted commission of 5%

Tha-thank you very much.

The good person discount appears in unexpected places. Why was it that he couldn't be glad that he could get a discounted price without really trying?

Um, then can I ask you to bid for a Sacrificial Ring?

Sacrificial Ring
 Rarity ☆☆☆☆
(The ring receives one fatal damage. After which the ring is destroyed)

It was the item that came to Yuuto's mind first when he heard Adolph's suggestion. When he had searched the Kobold's caves he had obtained one by chance, but he wanted to prepare enough for his entire party as insurance during battle.

Sacrificial Ring? I think I could make a bid for one at 100,000 rea……How about it?

If possible, I want two please.

Yuuto still had 400,000 rea left from the sale of the Sword of Usurper King. Even if the successful bid for the two added up to 200,000 rea, he would still have 200,000 rea left.

While I'm at it……Is it possible to bid for some sturdy but light shoes? My budget is 200,000 rea.

The reason why Yuuto was looking for some sturdy shoes was because they were necessary for mastering his high speed wind magic Leopard's Stride. If he could master it, all his future adventures would become easier.

……Shoes? Aiyo, of course.

Do you want to……measure the size of my foot?

No, there's no need. Expensive armor always fits itself onto the body of the wearer magically. Only in the most extreme cases does physique become a problem.

……I see.

Yuuto remembered on of the equipment that he found earlier due to Adolph's words.

Elemental Armor
 Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆
(Armor made with special minerals with high magic resistance. Its size is adjusted automatically to the body of the user)

The armor that Sylphia had equipped also had the same functionality. If the size is adjusted automatically, it can be used by all his companions. While that was not in his mind before, but it may be better to buy equipment like that when he had the funds. While Yuuto considered this he completed the procedure for the representation at the auction and headed towards the adventurer's guild.


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