Let's buy a house in a different world

Let's buy a house in a different world


It had been approximately one week since Konoe Yuuto was summoned to the world of Trywide that is dominated by monsters. In this week, Yuuto had successfully formed a slave contract with two beautiful girls. The first was the dog-eared girl Spica, and the second was the aloof female knight Sylphia. Right now the two beautiful girls were walking beside Yuuto.

Ah, that reminds me……before going to the Adventurer's Guild, I want to go to the Guild recognized store. Do you have any problem?

I understand.

As master desires.

When the two confirmed, Yuuto took out a sword from his bag. Covered in a jet-black sheath, it had the appearance and feel of a rare item.

Sword of Usurper King
 Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
(This sword can take away the target's freedom. It can cause the target to be paralyzed.)

It was the sword that was in the possession of Guiche Bellstein, the vampire he had slaughtered. Although he had thought about using it himself……Yuuto decided to put it up for auction in the end, because he was not a swordsman. Yuuto believed that using such a powerful weapon would only lead to his ruin. Once one gets used to using one weapon, it becomes a predicament when they are disarmed. According to Konoe Ryuu Taijutsu, something that ruined adaptability in battle should be avoided at all cost.

Now that he was living together with two companions, Spica and Sylphia, it was necessary to have funds for the future. He wanted to secure living expenses by selling the expensive weapons. With this purpose, Yuuto decided to sell the weapon.


O-oh…… A rank 7 sword! Lad, you obtained an incredible equipment!

Adolph Rudolph
Unique Ability

(A skill that determines the rarity of equipment and items. Demon Eyes is a superior version of this)

Adolph was a muscular middle-aged man with a stubble for a beard, and was stunned when he received the equipment from Yuuto.

Brother, do you really want to put this up for auction? You can't get rank 7 items easily, you know?

Yeah, I do. In any case……do you know the market price for the Sword of Usurper King?

Well, in the past 20 years, I have only seen three such items to be auctioned in this city. ……And all of them sold for over 2 million rea.

2 million rea!?

1 rea in Trywide was equivalent to 10 yen in modern Japan. In other words, according to Rudolph, just a single sword had a value of 20 million yen.

You could probably buy two or three houses and still be left with some leeway. You should think carefully about how you want to spend your money that you would gain from the sale.

Two or three houses…… How much does a house cost in this city?

Hmm well, if you are looking for a simple house, you could get one for 300,000 rea.

……!? I see. Thank you for everything,

While he was surprised that he could buy a house for 300,000 rea, it wasn't an unnatural thing if he thought about it. If anything, you could buy a house in modern Japan for less than 3 million yen where the land prices are a lot higher.

(……A house. It might be a good idea to think about one.)

Because of forming a slave contract with Sylphia, the room that Yuuto had been staying at seemed smaller. Right now, Yuuto was staying at the inn that had been introduced by Spica at a bargain price of 600 rea for a night. But purchasing a house for 300,000 rea was an economical choice in the long term.

(In any case……I should think about it more once the auction is over)

After purchasing a water canteen for 100 rea for Sylphia's use Yuuto left the guild recognized store in order to complete today's subjugation quests.


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  2. Fck why do authors write these types of novels as rated g, there is no point. And that sword he should have given to his slave. Damn all this fluffy crap for 11 year old content.

    1. Yeah. Selling such item is just as bad as throwing it away. Better destroy it.

    2. I think make a wise decision. . .
      he doesn't want his companion to be targeted by some shit collector or thug

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