Let's begin the magic training

Let's begin the magic training

Um, Master, this underwear, why……?

It's a present.

Why me? Such a high-quality product……

Because it is moe.


Ah, it’s too early for Spica to understand.

Apparently, this world did not have the concept of Moe.

There were several kinds of sexy underwear sold at the slave trader, probably because they dealt with sex slaves. Yuuto had conveniently found the underwear sale, and bought several for Spica. Yuuto was short on underwear himself, but decided to make do with regular trunks.

There were also maid and bunny suits sold at the slave trader…… he had to drink his tears and endure. Yuuto had bid 710,000 rea for Sylphia, but other bidders may appear. Underwear weren't a problem, but it was better if he didn't splurge recklessly.


I want to train magic from now on.

Training……? Does master's gift of underwear to me…… had something to do with magic training?

Of course. Spica, stand in front of me in attention.

L-like this?

Ah, Yes, like that.

Yuuto said, sitting down on the bed.


He chanted, and immediately after, Spica's skirt was lifted gently by the wind.


Spica squealed cutely as Yuuto satisfactorily watched the frilly lace underwear that he had bought from the slave trader.

Are you wearing the underwear to tempt a man? You are just a slave. Spica is a pervert!

Hau……. I-it's because……master gave it to me……

Spica, who was weak to verbal abuse, was ecstatic. Having understood Spica's sexual preferences, Yuuto continued with his harsh words.

What……? Even though you are a slave, you are talking back to me!

N-no, that's absurd!

Fuu A bad slave like that needs punishment. Let's do it this way! Wind!


This time, a strong wind flipped Spica's skirt.

(After all, the combination of knee socks and garter belt is the best……)

Even though he was thinking like this, Yuuto had verified several things.

The power of Wind could be freely varied.

The power increases if the force of the wind is concentrated to a point, while it falls if the power is spread out. By reducing the range of wind, he was even able to tear clothes at their seams. If the skill level rises, it may be possible to make it lethal.

It was the right decision to have Spica cooperate. Magic training might be monotonous, but he could train a lot if it resulted in seeing the panties of a beautiful girl.


……Gradually, it is becoming harder.

10 minutes after Yuuto started his magic training, he reached his limit earlier than expected. Yuuto, who had expended all of his magic power, collapses onto his bed, ready to fall unconscious.

M-master!? Are you okay!?

Ah, I'm fine. I'm just tired from using magic. Is there anything you could do?

Well, I think Master is simply unaccustomed to using magic.

Is that so?

Yes. The amount of magic usable per day can be increased gradually by using magic daily. It is the same principle as increasing one's strength by running everyday.

……I see.

It was a simple theory.

I think I am going to continue today's skirt flipping training every day from now on.


Is there a problem?

No. If master desires it, I will accept anything, but……

(Why does master…… not lay a hand on me? Is it possible……that master prefers it when I wear my underwear?)

With such a thought, Spica watched her master go to bed early.


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