Let us organize the loot

Let us organize the loot

There was a substantial amount of items taken from adventurers. The loot obtained from the rocky cave was unimaginable to Yuuto. First he tried to organize all the weapons.

Mithril Blade
 Rarity ☆☆☆☆
(A sword made with a rare metal. It is so sharp that it can split rocks)

Mithril Dagger
 Rarity ☆☆☆☆
(A dagger made with a rare metal. It is so sharp that it can split rocks)

Adventurer's Knife
 Rarity  ×5
(Knife favored by fledgling adventurers. Its sharpness is markedly greater than the disposable knife)

Long Sword
 Rarity  ×5
(Weapon favored by fledgling adventurers. It is easy to handle for anyone)

He was glad that he got two mithril weapons that were rank 4. 5 Long Swords and Adventurers Knife was also a good catch. They were quite costly if bought from a store.

The main problem was whether Yuuto should use the Mithril Blade or Long Sword as his main weapon. In terms of performance, the mithril blade was definitely superior. However, the ability to crush opponents was something that Yuuto liked about the Long Sword.

(Well, I'm not dissatisfied with my current weapon. I'll stick to the status quo.)

The Mithrll Blade did not have the durability to not be broken as he used it to counter the stones thrown by Kobolds. Yuuto decided to put away the Mithril Blade is his bag. Next, he decided to arrange the armor.

Elemental Armor
 Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆
(Armor made with special minerals with high magic resistance. Its size is adjusted automatically to the body of the user)

Sacrificial Ring
 Rarity ☆☆☆☆
(The ring receives one fatal damage. After which the ring is destroyed.)

Black Treasure Necklace
 Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
(Neutralizes the Magic Eyes of another person)

The rarity of armor was higher than the weapons. They were items that could be potentially useful in the future. Among them the one that particularly caught Yuuto's interest was the Black Treasure Necklace.

(If I use the Black Treasure Necklace……it might come in handy in the future)

Yuuto had several Unique Abilities due to his Ability Looting (Skill Taker). And they would only increase in the future battles. He shuddered as he thought of meeting a Magic Eyes user before finding the Black Treasure Necklace.

Spica, you take the Mithril Dagger and Sacrificial Ring.

……Eh? Is it alright for me, a slave, to have better and more expensive equipment?

Of course. If something were to happen to Spica, I will be troubled.

Thank you. I will use them carefully!

In the future, he wanted to get his hands on some more Sacrificial Rings if the opportunity arose. In combat when you don't know what is happening, something that could absorb damage for a single time was an amazing thing.

Since he couldn't find any use for the Elemental Armor, he kept it in his magic bag. The armor was not flexible, and was incompatible with Konoe Ryuu Taijutsu, and it would be cruel to let the petite Spica walk while wearing it.

He continued to organize the most surprising item the last.

Kobold Knife
 Rarity  ×120
(Kobold's knife is made by sharpening a rare mineral. It is not suitable as a weapon as it is too small for a weapon)

Master, what about these knives?

Of course, we will bring these to the adventurer’s guild. A large amount of QP and rewards! Isn't it a sweet deal?

Um, but isn't this cheating……?

Spica is being too serious. For this I have some words from my original world. If it is not known, it is not a crime. Understand?


Because of this, they had 172 Kobold Knives on hand. According to Yuuto's calculation, the reward for this adventure alone is going to be 68,000 rea.

(This is a great step towards a successful bid for Sylphia)

For now, Yuuto equipped the Black Treasure Necklace. Since it was a rare item that could attract attention, he placed it under his clothes. Having collected the large amounts of loot, Yuuto left the 《Rocky Mountain Caves》.


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  6. it's 172 kobold's knife or 120 kobold's knife? or 120 stars?

    1. They looted 120 weapons, and 52 more from the dead kobolds before he entered the tunnel.

  7. Why did the kobolt leader not use the necklace or ring? Thanks

    1. He probably didn't know what they were for. It's not like he had 《Magic Eyes》 or anything.

  8. It's the adventurer guild's fault for making the "quest item" something that's easily forged and can just be picked up anywhere...

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