Legend Embodied

Episode 114: Legend embodied

Holy City Macbell. It was a large country that boasted the greatest population in Trywide. It had built its dominance over 500 years through a combination of overwhelming military strength and great economic state. And in a church in this holy city was the Legend Blood's base.

……So you left the subjugation of the Demon Queen of Gluttony to a monster in the Dungeon, before running back here?

Ah! I know it’s my fault! But, I couldn't help it, you know? I didn't know that that Konoe Yuuto guy could defeat a Guardian on his own.

Right now, having returned from Expein to Macbell, Michael was being chided by a girl who was his fellow colleague. Wearing a nun's garb, the girl's name was Sofia Blandol. She was the descendant of the great sage that was part of the party that defeated the Demon King 500 years ago.

……You wasted a precious oracle score. There's a reason why you are mocked as the weakest amongst the Legend Blood. You junk ramen.

Junk Ramen!?

Judging by her appearance, Sofia might seem like an innocent sister, but she had a vicious tongue.

And this person called Konoe Yuuto that you are talking about……does such a person even exist?

……Sophie, are you doubting me?

No. It can't be helped that Michael is junk ramen, but there's no need for doubt, as falsifying such a report won't benefit us. But, I wasn't able to verify the presence of a third party as you are saying with my Oracle Score. This is disturbing.


Sofia Blandol had an ability to predict exceptionally rare future. This time, the information about the appearance of the Demon Queen of Gluttony in a dungeon in Lownas Plains was acquired with Sofia's skill. Finding out that the Seven Deadly Sins were trying to revive the Evil God secretly was her greatest achievement.

Boss. I want to hear your opinion.

Sofia asked the black haired boy with black iris sitting in a chair at the church. Surprisingly, this boy was the leader of the Legend Blood which was made up off Descendants of Heroes.

………There's no change in plans. We will wait until the next Oracle Score.

I understand. I'll follow your order.

Arc Schwarz. The fact that the legendary hero who defeated the Demon King 500 years ago was still alive was a top secret that is only known to a select few in the Holy City Macbell. The unique ability that he had gotten when he was summoned from Japan like Yuuto was Reincarnation.  With his skill, he could revive by projecting his soul onto a different vessel even if his body was destroyed, and thus had been living in Trywide for more than 1000 years.

(Konoe Yuuto……the boy who helped the demons and can't be sensed by Sofia's Oracle...)

Having lived for over a 1000 years, Arc was tired of this world. Status, Prestige, Women, he had played with them as toys and had gotten bored of them. To him, planning to prevent the revival of the Evil God with his comrades was a way to kill time. Even if he wanted to die, he won't. As Arc would continue to be reincarnated in Trywide due to his skill, he was always looking for new stimulus.

(……Interesting. Having one more toy to kill time is always better.)

After this affair, Yuuto was caught in the middle of the fight between heroes and demons, but he didn't know the importance of it yet.


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      Naturally...that means someone else is the hero...and more often than not author-sans just portray someone who gets drunk off of power and prestige. Sendai Yuusha has a current generation hero who is generally quite nice though, except to demons. Heck, he even got along well with the MC whenever they met and showed concern (since he thought MC was powerless)

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