King of the Slums

King of the Slums

The Slum are in Expein is an especially dangerous place. The streets were filled with malnourished children.   There was a middle-aged man lying on the ground as he tripped on drugs. A rag-clad prostitute with multiple venereal diseases stood near him. Etc. Etc. Even slave merchants turned away when they looked at the people from the slum.

The slum was always filled with the smell of rotting animals. If a person is dead in the field, no one would clean their corpse. The corpses become food for stray dogs, and the remaining bones mix with the soil. In the heart of the slum was a mansion that could be mistaken for a noble's residence. Lying on the King sized canopy bed in the bedroom was a single demon.

His name was Bellphegor. Bellphegor embodied Sloth amongst the seven deadly sins, and all his companions knew of his self-indulging character. It was unthinkable that he could fight with his fat body in an armed combat. Bellphegor preferred to drink during the day, and several liquor bottles and gourds were scattered around him.

However since he was a member of the Seven Deadly Sins, he possessed a strong magic power and an unique ability that hid his battle ability that one could not imagine from his appearance. Actually, Bellphegor took over and ruled the slums as King in just three months, and it was here that the thieves group that the Knights were having trouble with formed. But it took him three months because he had been lazy. If he showed his true power, he could take the slums over in three days.

……Boss. There is an important matter that requires your presence.

The man kneeling in front of Bellphegor's bed was Tanaka Kazuya. He was the leader of the largest faction of thieves, Scarlet Distortion, and was the man that was wanted by the current guild quest.

……Unfortunately, it’s time for Bellphegor-sama to go to bed. About the matter, I’ll speak on his behalf.

The answer came from a lower demon Imp instead of Bellphegor. He had a petite body and only 30 cm in height and could fly around and act as Bellphegor's limbs.

I have a new job for you.

……Is this about the new treasure that you found?

If you consider treasure as a Valuable thing, then yes. The holder of the rank 6 unique ability Persuasion has been found.

I see. In other words……its an abduction.

Imp agreed with Kazuya's assumption.

I'll contact you with the details later. The village of the target is protected by a strong barrier. It is necessary to go through complicated procedures in order to invade it.

I understand. By the way, the skill holder of Persuasion……What should be the split of the profit when handing them over to the slave dealer?

Let's leave the full amount to you as usual. However……

Imp smiled wickedly as he continued.

Abduction, Rape, Murder! The negative energy that humans give when committing these acts is the most valuable to us!

Yes, I understand.

After Kazuya nodded, he decided to leave Bellphegor's mansion.

Really……this world is the best!

After coming out of the residence, Kazuya could not stop his laughter. Kazuya, who had been summoned by Bellphegor using the Summoning Magic Stone, was intoxicated by thrill and pleasure that he could not taste in modern Japan. In this world, Kazuya could get whatever he pleased. When he was summoned to Trywide, he even got a great unique ability. Nobody in this world could stop him. Anyone who interfered with him would only be killed.

「……Kuhaha! Kuhahahahaha!」

Kazuya took pleasure in violence, and his distorted laughter even made a shiver run up a demon's spine.


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