As Spica expected, inside the cave were several bear traps and pitfalls set up intended for adventurers. However, Yuuto's extraordinary ability allowed him to avoid them as if they were a joke and proceeded to the back of the cave.

The further he went, the frequency of fights with Kobolds increased. The Kobolds worked well as a group, something not seen in other monsters, but they were just fodder for Yuuto. A group of Kobolds was to Yuuto as a group of ants was to an elephant.


Spica, Can you smell the Kobold's boss?

Yes. I think that he is just ahead. His smell has become very strong.

Spica's sense of smell was excellent. Yuuto would not have been able to track the boss with just power alone.

Hmm……? That seems strange. The smell is indeed there, but……

Since Spica hit a dead end, she had a questioning look, but Yuuto smiled as if he was confident of victory.

In such a place, there is always going to be a hidden door.

He broke the wall in front of him with a vigorous kick. As Yuuto had expected, through the broken was a small hidden room. Inside the room was a treasure trove of valuable items.

(As expected……! These are way better than the adventurer's equipment.)

Since they saw the Kobolds, Yuuto had a premonition that it would be a situation like this. Ricardo, having surrounded Yuuto, had asked them to Leave their items. It was obvious that this was their modus operandi, and they had used this method several times before. Because of that Yuuto thought that there was a high possibility that items taken from adventurers could be found in the cave.

Master. Although he is not visible, the smell of the Kobold's boss is coming from that corner.

Ah. All right. I can see it.

Ricardo Rodiaz
Unique Abilities

It was probably due to transparent, his unique ability. His figure was invisible, but Yuuto could see the status screen that was above Ricardo's body with his Demon Eyes.

Ah. Ricardo. How about turning yourself in?

When Yuuto asked the question, Ricardo cancelled his transparency and appeared. As soon as Ricardo realized that his transparent skill was not working, he prostrated himself on the ground.

I lost! You beat me! I will…… give you all the treasures in this room. Therefore……won't you let my comrades live?

Hmm. Are your comrades more precious to you than your life?

Yes. I have the responsibility of watching over the Kobold's in this region as their chief.

I understand. My goal is only the treasure. If you are not hostile to me, I won't attack you.

……Sorry. I am indebted to you.

Ricardo lowers his head with a sorrowful look. Yuuto shifted his eyes from the defeated general to the treasure in front of him. He looked inside a huge barrel in the middle of the room.

Oh! Spica. Look at this! There are mountains of rare items!

Yuuto cried out in excitement.

Kuhahaha! Die! Shitty kiiiiiiiid!

Ricardo unsheathes his knife from his waist and pounced at Yuuto's back with a tremendous speed that was expected of a named monster.

Master! Behind you!

Just as Spica cried out, Yuuto crushed Ricardo's head with a roundhouse kick.


When Ricardo's body collides with the walls of the cave, the cave shakes as if an earthquake had occurred. As a result of his shattered skull digging into his brain, Ricardo had died instantly. It was unthinkable for a Named Monster that even the Kingdoms Knights were afraid of would have such an abrupt end.

Master……were you expecting this monster to break his promise?

Well, sort of.

Since Yuuto was a master of combat, he never assumed that he won't be attacked when he turned his back towards his opponent, no matter what they say.

May I ask why?

Well……It's easy to see that this guy was an excellent leader.


Spica looked puzzled at Yuuto's words.

You'll understand if you think from the Kobolds point of view. There was no guarantee that we would leave with just the treasure, was there? So it would be smart to kill us without relying on a verbal promise.


In the end, in order for them to live in peace, they needed to eliminate us. So of course he would break his verbal promise. I don't think that it was cowardly either.

Yuuto's tone was calm and nonchalant.

On the contrary, from his position, don't I seem to be evil? It is not bad to protect your comrades. Isn't that his responsibility as the leader?


Yuuto's words affected Spica deeply. In him, Spica found a person that could lead the populace.

(Maybe……Master's destiny is to become the King that put an end to this troubled times, and that was the reason that he was summoned to this world……)

It was impossible to suppress her heartbeat, because through this whole affair, Spica had found the hidden possibilities of Yuuto.


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