Incident in the woods

Incident in the woods

A cat-eared Cait Sith girl, Ririna Foresty was inside the maze like forest in a complicated situation. She was currently chased being by 10 Woodheads.

(……Shit. I was careless!)

She should not have gone outside of the village barrier alone. That was what she had been taught since by the adults since she was child. This had happened while Ririna was collecting edible wild plants in the woods. Since she was inside the barrier, it was safe from monsters.

These edible wild plants were the food of all the villagers. Then Ririna saw that was outside the barrier, was an abundant supply of the edible plants that no one from the village had touched yet. Her younger sister was waiting at home, hungry. The younger sister of Ririna, Sanya was the monster trainer girl that Yuuto had met in the woods.

(A little……just a little more……)

Ririna had gone out of the barrier due to temptation. The result is the present situation. While Ririna was absorbed in picking the edible plants, the Woodhead had been preparing for a hunt while remaining hidden. Ririna thought that even if she had someone with her who could use Fire Magic, with these numbers, it would be meaningless.


Just as she was thinking this, Ririna tripped over something and fell to the ground. It didn't take long for her to realize that she had tripped on the Root of a Woodhead. Woodhead are known as the Monsters of the Forest, because they were dangerously crafty foes.

If the opponent is strong, they won't get near, and they hunt their prey in groups. Because of that the first time someone was attacked by Woodheads was also their last. Their fate is nothing but becoming the Woodheads' food.

Ririna had sprained her ankle from the fall. She wanted to get away somehow, but couldn't muster the power to stand up.

(Sorry, Sanya……)

Seeing the large group of Woodheads in front of her, Ririna realized that her death was near, so she was about to close her eyes, when something happened


Suddenly one of the Woodheads was sent crashing into a tree. It flew roughly 20 meters. The Woodhead that was attacked had died immediately and didn't move.

Ririna could not help but doubt the scene in front of her. Just what kind of magic was used to defeat a Woodhead in one blow? The weapon that the boy that had saved Ririna from her predicament was a simple kick. Ririna had never met the boy with black hair and black iris.

Uooooooo! Lucky! To meet a group of Woodheads for the first time!

The black haired boy shouted as he speedily made short work of the Woodhead with martial arts. Ririna was shocked by the overwhelming strength of Yuuto. Woodheads are known for their strong smashing blow resistance. The method to subjugate them was to either use Fire Magic or a sword.

The boy in front of her destroyed that common sense as easily as picking plants as he fought the monsters with his bare hand. The difference was in power with the boy was hopelessly huge, and the Woodhead turned tail and attempted to escape.

My Lord! Let me help!

When she turned towards the dignified voice, she saw a blonde haired beautiful girl. The blonde girl cut down the Woodheads that tried to escape and the boy had failed to kill. Her swordplay was in one word magnificent. Ririna was shocked by the fact that the girl fighting the monsters was the same age as her.

Um……Are you alright? You look like you injured your foot.

A dog-eared Lycan girl asked Ririna.

Um, who are you guys……!?

Ririna asked, dumbfounded.

First let me treat your wound!

The dog-eared girl said as a pale light is released from her palm. Immediately after that, the pain gradually disappeared from Ririna's right foot. She realized that it was the basic magic, Heal from the Holy attribute.

What the hell! These guys are…… are not like the people I have met so far……they are so strange……)

Ririna had such an impression of the 3 people.


……Is it over? I had to let 2 or 3 of them go inevitably.

The black-haired boy had remarkably turned the hopeless situation from a while ago into a lie. The battle with the Woodheads had ended in an instant. Immediately after the battle ended, the boy showed a smile that was pure and not malicious.

Originally, the existence of the Cait Sith village was kept a secret from the world. As a general rule, humans from outside are forbidden from been invited. However, he had saved her life. She did not want to repay the favor with ingratitude.

(It'll be all right. It it’s these people……I should be able to trust them……)

Therefore, in order to repay the favor that she received, Ririna decided to lead Yuuto and his companions to the Cait Sith village.


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