Imperial Capital Expein

Imperial Capital Expein

He had been walking for about two hours.

Since his main goal was to reach the city, Yuuto had ignored the monsters and animals he saw on the way.

By the time Yuuto reached the city, the sun had set, worsening visibility.

(……That was dangerous.)

If he had been greedy and fought the monsters, he'd have never made it to the town by dusk.

Lodhran Country Imperial Capital Expein

A signboard at the entrance of the city said the above.

The characters were not Japanese, but Yuuto was somehow able to read it.

(I'm sure…… I got some kind of translation magic when I was summoned to this world.)

Yuuto decided to look for a place to sleep, and filed that away into his brain.


Inn Twilight Castle

After exploring the town for a while.

Yuuto decided to stay at the inn with that name.

The reason was simply that it was the first inn he had found.

He thought that it was no use to spend too much time choosing a hotel since he was going to stay for a single night.

Good evening. How can I help you?

When Yuuto stepped inside, one of the girls greeted Yuuto.

Spica Brunel
Unique ability

Her age is probably less than 15 and she was a bit over 150 cm.

Bouncing on her head was a pair of lovely dog ears.

It was regrettable that her appearance was shabby.

It seems that she hadn't been taken care of for a long time.

Her hair was long and messy, her bangs almost covering her eyes.

The uniform that she was wearing was dirty and tattered, and was quite pitiful.

(Hmm. Such a waste.)

If she was given new clothes and her appearance was tidied up, she'd probably be a beauty.

An adventurer? It's the first time one has come to this shop.

Ah. I'm looking for a place to stay…… how much for one night?

Hai. A private room would be 400 rea, breakfast included. If it's a shared room, then it would be 100 rea.

……I see. I'll take the private room.

Even if it saves me money, I don't want to be sleeping with an old man in the same bed.

Certainly. Please enter your name in this ledger as I prepare the key.

Spica puts on an amicable smile as she leaves, her ears twitching adorably.

(400 rea for one night’s stay with breakfast.)

He had 59350 rea that he stole from the Orcs.

In other words, if he didn't spend the money on other things, he could stay at this inn for 5 months.

However…… while living in another world, expenses will occur.

If he didn't get an income soon, Yuuto expected his funds to run out quickly.

Thank you for waiting. Here is the key for room 203.

Thank you. Here is the payment, although there are several coins.

Yuuto paid with 40 Iron coins that he took out from the Magic Bag.

Certainly. Please wait while I make sure of the amount.

Spica counted the Iron coins one by one.

By removing 40 iron coins, his Magic Bag became lighter.

I have finished checking. This is exactly 400 rea. I hope you enjoy your stay.(TL note: this was liberally translated as "Please relax slowly" made no sense to me)

Yuuto received the key, and immediately decided to go upstairs to his room.

Wow…… This is quite bad……

It sounded pretty good as a private room, but it was just a six tatami mat room with a straw bed.

It was a harsh environment for Yuuto who was born and raised in Japan.

However, it was no use complaining now.
Yuuto laid down on the floor that was hard as a rock.

It seemed he had accumulated fatigue throughout the day without noticing.  

It didn't take long for Yuuto to fall asleep.


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