I was summoned to another world

Episode 1: I was summoned to another world

Konoe Yuuto was a very ordinary high school student. Only if an ordinary high school student practiced 《Konoe Ryuu Taijutsu》, a special martial arts, from their childhood, which incorporated the advantages of all the martial arts of the world.《Konoe Ryuu Taijutsu》 advocated aiming to be the strongest.

And thus, Yuuto was ordered by his father to learn various martial arts from around the world from a very young age.

Ittee. That shitty father....

Yuuto muttered resentfully while lying in bed, wondering why it was necessary to master such a dangerous martial arts in this peaceful Japan. Now if suddenly the Demon Lord took over the world, or he was summoned to another world where evil spirits run rampant, it may become useful, but something like that won't happen in reality. 

His limbs twitched due to muscle fatigue caused by the day's intense training. It didn't take long for Yuuto to doze off in bed.


When his consciousness returned, Yuuto was summoned to a different world. In front of his eyes were ten rough looking men. The reason why Yuuto judged this place to be a different world......... was because the men that were in front of him had the head of a pig, and belonged to the orc race.

....Tch. What is this?

The biggest orc, who was probably their boss, clicked his tongue as he saw Yuuto's face.

What do you think, Crane? Does he have a unique ability? How much will he fetch as a slave?

The glasses wearing orc called Crane sighed heavily.

Danna-sama, unfortunately it’s a "faulty product" this time. The boy doesn't have any unique ability and is inadequate.

Inadequate you say...? The human who was summoned from another world does not have any unique ability?

The orc boss' eyes widen in surprise.

Yes. I am also surprised, since it’s the first time I'm experiencing this. However, my unique ability  《Demon Eyes》 is absolute. While there are stories about rare abilities that can't be predicted with my 《Demon Eyes》, there isn't enough information to verify such stories.

Damn! An ability where the details are unknown.....!? Someone like that... will be the stuff of dreams!

The orc boss stamped his feet, distorting his ugly face even further.

Crane. Say, is it possible for the boy to gain a rare ability in the future?

Danna-sama should know that that's impossible. After all, the 《unique ability》 of a person is determined by the heavens when they are born.

....Tch. Annoying. I spend so much money on the 《Summoning Magic Stone》 and such a worthless person came out...... it’s different from the stories!


Yuuto analyzed his situation calmly from the conversation of the orcs. He seemed to have been summoned to a world in another dimension. Yuuto was not senile enough to be unable to tell dream from reality and judged that it was better to interpret the information he got from his five senses that he "was summoned to another world".

Such bad luck...... If he was to be summoned to a different world, Yuuto would have preferred a beautiful summoner over these ugly orcs.

(Summoned to a pigsty.... that's just too much....)

The contents of the conversation wasn't gentle either. From the conversation so far, the chance of escaping from this place peacefully was as good as zero.The glasses wearing orc advised her boss as various thoughts pass through Yuuto's head.

.....He's a healthy young man, even if he is incompetent. He'd be valuable as manual labor. Taking him to the city as a product would be a wise decision.

God damn. Even if he's sold as a slave, he won't amount to much. Since he won't be profitable.... it wouldn't matter much if I cut off his neck now.... Kill him!

The moment when the orc boss spoke such caustic words the regular orc soldiers rushed Yuuto with spears in hand.


Just moments before the spear in the hands of the orc pierced Yuuto's heart, an unusual thing happened. A sound that resembles a frog collapsing resounded through the room. Yuuto's index finger pierced the orc's throat, and scooped out the meat. Spear Hand was a skill where one's arm was used as a spear, and was used by a wide range of martial arts.

(Indeed.... the martial arts I learned is useful in a place like this.....)

Yuuto used 《Spear Hand》 to gouge out the flesh of the opponent. The biggest misfortune for the orcs was that Konoe Yuuto was a martial arts genius, the kind of which only shows up once every 1000 years. Yuuto was born with the ability to steal the skill of another person, which enabled him to learn the 《Konoe Ryuu Taijutsu》 that aimed to improve upon the strong points of all martial arts. At the moment..... Yuuto had mastered wrestling, boxing, Savate, Aikido, Judo, and 60 more martial arts. Yuuto's inborn talent meant he could become the strongest in the history of the Konoe family. 

The next moment, Yuuto pulled his hard as steel fingers out of the man's throat. Large amount of blood splashed down, signaling the death of the orc. No one would expect a counterattack from a person they deemed inadequate. The remaining orcs were stunned, not knowing what happened. An opportunity Yuuto did not spurn. He took the spear dropped by the orc that attacked him and immediately  threw the spear at the group of orcs with a short run up.


A moment later the head of two orcs were pierced at the same time. 《Konoe Ryuu Taijutsu》 emphasized on unarmed combat, but also had the philosophy of "use the weapon that is taken from the enemy". It was a martial arts school that seriously considered practicality. Because of that, Yuuto had learned various weapon techniques since childhood. He could proudly say that he was the master of fencing, spear techniques, bow techniques and the more of the like.

From that point on.... the battle was a one-sided slaughter. Yuuto trampled on the orcs with a genuinely happy smile on his lips. The Russian military martial arts 《Systema》 that dealt with multiple opponents was also Yuuto's forte, after all. Using the elegant footwork of Systema, he tossed the orcs around.


The Jumping Knee Kick from 《Muay Thai》, which was the national sport of Thailand, was enough to crush the skull of the orcs.


The "Knee" was the sharpest and rugged part of human body, capable of transferring the largest power when delivering a "Jumping Knee Kick". When delivered by Yuuto, it had the destructive power of a small truck.

(This.... This is super fun)

Yuuto thought it was a reasonable feeling, because in modern Japan, a martial artist didn't have the opportunity to experience actual combat. Therefore somewhere inside Yuuto's heart, was a craving for actual "combat" where he could utilize his martial arts.

He stepped towards the orc boss that survived.

You bastard, what are you......!?

Said the orc boss, as he fell onto his ass in fear.

My name is Konoe Yuuto. I'm just an ordinary high school student.

While the orc boss was saying What the heck are you saying....? his throat was crushed by Yuuto's hands. And this is the moment..... that the being feared as the 《Demon King》 was born.


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