Hunting efficiently

Hunting efficiently

Five minutes after subduing the first monster.

Master. There is a group of red slimes 60 meters northwest of here. There are about…… 5 of them.

Spica said suddenly.

Yuuto turned his gaze northwest at once.

However, the location was surrounded by trees so he could not see.

I can't really see them…… are you sure?

Yes. Because I memorized the smell of the battle a little while ago, I'm sure. Lycans naturally have a superior sense of smell. So even if I can't see them, I can smell them.

Hey, are you serious……?

He doubtfully advanced at the direction Spica pointed.
Certainly there was a group of red slime there.

There were 5 of them. It was just as Spica had described.

(With this…… it’s possible to hunt incredibly efficiently.)


Yuuto's expectations were right on mark.

Due to Yuuto's overwhelming strength, he could defeat monsters extremely quickly.

However, he wasted a lot of time actually finding the monsters.

With Spica's sense of smell, it was now possible to detect monsters from as far as 100 meters.

It dramatically reduced the time required for finding monsters.

Red Slime × 18
Blue Slime × 23
Bat × 32

That was the amount of monsters he defeated today.

Well, today's harvest is quite amazing. Excellent. Spica, it was all thanks to you.

Spica found hordes of monsters, and Yuuto defeated them. 

While Spica stripped the materials of monsters, Yuuto defeats other monsters.

An implicit rule was established between the two.

N-no way! Master is too amazing! Frankly speaking, master's strength is too abnormal. I have heard plenty of stories of adventurer's but no one defeated 60 monsters in one day, you know!

Spica's words were the truth.

He was far superior.

Simply, non-standard.

Because of her occupation, Spica met several adventurers, but no one's strength could compare to Yuuto's.

Especially when Yuuto entered a cave filled with bats and exterminated them all, she couldn't believe her eyes.

The bats worked in groups and had strong wing magic, and thus were notorious amongst adventurers as Rookie Killers. (TL note: They understand the horrors of a cave.)

Spica tried to stop Yuuto from entering the cave alone desperately, but Yuuto paid not heed to her warning and entered the cave while telling her It's alright..


Five minutes later, Spica realized that her fears were groundless.

Yuuto came of the cave carrying 20 corpses of bats in his magic bag because It was too dark to dismantle them in the cave.

Besides martial arts, if there was anything Yuuto was absorbed in was Blind Football. (TL note: Can we please stop having to explain all the things he practiced in his life? He's strong. We get it.)

Blind Football was a type of sport played by blocking the vision.

It was originally played by people with visual disabilities, but it spread out to be played by everyone by blindfolding themselves.

It was said that humans got 80% of their daily information through sight. For Yuuto who was a master of Blind Football, he was able to fight in darkness while using his hearing.

Hence, Yuuto was able to utilize his full strength in the cave.

Despite the darkness, Yuuto treated the bats as football and made them explode with overhead kicks and volleys. (TL note: Bats encountered Yuuto. Bats attempted to flee. Can't escape. Bats exploded.)

Master……is really too amazing……

The look in Spica's eyes added to Yuuto's enthusiasm.

Konoe Yuuto
 Wind Magic LV 3 (12/30)
 Fire Resistance LV 2 (15/20)
Water Resistance LV 2 (15/20)

Yuuto checked his status screen.

Naturally, the skills leveled up due to Ability Looting (Skill Taker) .

The matter that required his attention was Wind Magic that had leveled up to LV 3.

He wanted to verify it immediately, but since he was already tired, he didn't want to accumulate fatigue by using magic.

He decided to verify the magic when he was full of energy.

Yuuto returned to the city with a spring in his step.


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