Guiche Bellstein

Guiche Bellstein

At the same time, a man was walking on the streets of Expein as night fell. His name was Guiche Bellstein. Humans from olden times have been afraid of Demons, and of them Vampires are especially powerful. Right now Guiche had transferred his soul to Andrea Scott Marnish's body, who was a reputable noble of Expein.

While vampires are generally known to be Immortal, they do in fact age, just like humans. However, the soul of the vampire does not live in the flesh, but rather lives in the blood. Therefore, it is possible for Vampires to possess other creatures by pouring their blood into them. It’s not that their body doesn't age, but rather by changing bodies when one gets old, they are feared to be immortal.

(I must leave this town soon……)

Vampires are monsters that are forced to drink blood in order to survive. But just as food is to regular people, the taste of blood varies for vampires depending on the person it came from. For Guiche, the blood of young and beautiful women were incredibly delectable. So far, Guiche had killed over 50 women from Expein by sucking them dry. Some of them were bought as slaves, while others were kidnapped. In order to avoid detection, he needed to switch locations.

(Well, this will be the last dinner)

Guiche was heading towards the slave trading firm that he had used till now. Sylphia Rougenberg. That was the name of the slave that had caught Guiche's eyes. By taking over the bodies of several men, he had lived for over 500 years. But this was the third time he had seen someone of Sylphia's beauty. It would be an appropriate last meal before he left the city.

Ah. It’s……Sir Andrea. Unfortunately, our shop is closing for the day……

I have come to receive the slave that I bid for.

Guiche spoke plainly without caring for Jill's words.

Ah. I am sorry. Due to a new bid today, Sylphia's price has risen to 770,000 rea.


Guiche was at a loss of words.   Till now, Guiche had bought many slaves by splurging the money of the host body, but those assets were running out. He could get funds if he sold items from the house, but it would be troublesome to carry them to a store.

……Is that so. It must have been done by the boy with a fantastic body from that day.

Yuuto's figure came to Guiche's mind. Konoe Yuuto. Guiche could not shake Yuuto's physique from his mind. In the 500 years he had lived, Guiche had never seen a body that was trained to such a level as Yuuto's.

(I see. I had been thinking of choosing him as the next host……this was unexpectedly fortunate)

Um……Sir Andrea?

Seeing Guiche smirk, Jill was puzzled. Suddenly Guiche hit Jill's flank with a tremendous blow.


Having received an unexpected blow, Jill tried to steady himself on the desk as he vomited blood.

Oi. You slave trader. Bring my woman now! And transfer her ownership to me.

T-there's no way I can do that……

Fumu. I have no choice then. There should be no complaint if I behead you, right?

Guiche took out the sword that was hanging from his waist. It was a sharp sword that had some sort of magical protection on it. The blade shone with an ominous black light.


Overwhelmed by Guiche's bloodlust, Jill was forced to follow his instructions.


I have brought Sylphia……according to your wish. Since I will transfer her ownership to you, please let me live.


Guiche bit his thumb as he remained silent. Slave Contract was an unique ability that allowed the user to enslave a human by pouring blood on them, creating a Curse Mark. Jill created a new Curse Marke as he poured blood taken from Guiche on the back of Sylphia's hand.

(What the hell is this……?)

Sylphia was baffled. In front of her eyes was a prestigious noble with an unsheathed sword with an injured slave trader. Something was clearly going on, but with too little information, Sylphia could not understand the situation.

That's it. When Konoe Yuuto comes to this shop, tell him. Andrea Scott Marnish has taken your woman. If you want her back, come to my mansion……alone.

……Yes, certainly.

If he could get Yuuto's tough body, his combat abilities will dramatically improve.

「……Fufu.」 I am looking forward to the morning.」

A pair of fangs were revealed as Guiche smiled fearlessly.


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  3. he should have just subjugated him and gotten the 200k+ a cheaper price for sylphie

  4. So now, MC kills the vampire probably earning him a unique skill or two.
    Then he gets the reward money for the investigation of the kidnappings.
    And then the MC leaves the town with his two slaves on an adventure to find contracep.......treasures. An adventure to find treasures.....

  5. I figured with the timing of Spica becoming his slave and the locator ability of the brand Guiche would kidnap her and the MC would use the brand to find her. Hope he plans on using MC's body to drain Sylphia rather than feed on her while waiting for her sake. Wonder if MC can overwrite the slave brand or if there are conditions for overwriting.