Foresty Sisters

Foresty Sisters

Ah! Yuuto? You came.

Ririna Foresty
 Cait Sith
Unique Ability

When Yuuto arrived at the Foresty sister's house, the figure of Ririna jumped into Yuuto's view as she smiled while holding a huge kitchen knife that had a 40 cm long blade. Her whole body was covered in deep red blood, and her aura was that of a person that had just murdered someone a few minutes ago.

……Ri-Ririna-san!? How did you get blood on you!?

He managed to see a great thing. Spica was rattled and trembling with fear.

Oh. Sorry, sorry! To welcome you guys I had received a forest pig from the neighbors. This is from when I was dismantling it.

……I see. It was like that.

The three of them sighed in relief at Ririna's explanation. Yuuto thought that the idea of a beautiful girl covered in her victim's blood while holding a kitchen had a certain yandere charm, but should be limited to two dimensions. In reality, it looked extremely creepy.

Still, I was surprised. To be able to dismantle an entire pig, Ririna is surprisingly strong-willed.

Not really. It isn't a praiseworthy thing. I'm not like my younger sister……so the only thing I can do is cooking and chores.


(This fellow……what is she saying when she has the ultimate housekeeping skills!?)

As Yuuto thought this, he forced himself to calm down as it would have been extremely rude to retort at that point.

……? Why is adventurer-san inside our house nodesu……?

Sanya Foresty
 Cait Sith
 Monster Trainer
Unique Ability

Blair Dragon
 Threat LV 32 State (Taming)

When he turned towards the voice, he saw a little girl and a dragon that he'd met before.

Huh? Why are you……?

As soon as Yuuto voiced his question, he realized the answer. Both Ririna and Sanya had their family name Foresty in common. In other words, they were sisters.

……Oi oi. Were Yuuto and Sany acquaintances already!?  

Um…… It's a long story. There is a variety of circumstances

Would it be good to about it? Yuuto decided to explain the circumstances behind his meeting with Sanya.


2 hours later, Yuuto and his companions were treated to a feast at the Foresty sister's house for dinner.

……However, I was surprised. Everyone had met my younger sister before.

Well, we'd only met by chance.

Yuuto spoke as he had warm soup in his mouth.

By the way, master. Don't you think that there is a high ratio of women to food at this table?

Spica said in a reproachful voice as she bit into a bread. Yuuto was exalted by Spica's tone of a jealous lover that had just found her adulterous lover. Then amongst four beautiful girls, the meal continued with a harem feel. As for today's dinner, there was rye bread, mushroom soup. Salad made from edible wild plants, and the main dish was an entire grilled forest pig.

(It's been a while since I ate such a delicious meal……)

But even if the material was good, it may not taste good. It was Ririna's cooking skill that was the pride of her housework skills that made it delicious. Till now, Yuuto had been preoccupied with other things, so he had not paid any attention to the meal. However everyday meals was also a part of training one's body.

He thought about employing an excellent housekeeper like Ririna to help keep a nutritional balance. While licking his lips at the unexpected treat Yuuto thought about it.


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