Forest Barrier

Forest Barrier

Good morning, master.

Yuuto woke up to Spica's voice. It was already past noon when Yuuto finally awakened.

Nu. Slippery……please spare the slipperiness……

Sylphia seemed to still be sleeping. She sounded like she was having a nightmare.

(Last night's tentacle play……hustled Sylphia the most……)

It seemed better to leave it alone for now. After that Yuuto discussed his future plans while he ate the lunch cooked by Ririna.

……Divine Tree?

Ah, the Divine Tree is enshrined in the Cait Sith village. It is said that various rare items can be harvested from the Divine Tree. As Yuuto is an important guest of the village, you can take one item freely only for today.

Oh! Seriously!

Um……Sanya also wants to see the Divine Tree nodesu. Adventurer-san, Sanya wishes to accompany you nodesu!

I don't really mind, but can't Sanya see it any time she wishes?

When he asked, Ririna shook her head.

No, villagers are prohibited from going to the Divine Tree unless special permission is granted. Because the items that are harvested from the Divine Tree is a valuable source of income for the village, there isn't an opportunity to go.

……I see.

What on earth is it that can profit the entire village? When he heard the story from Ririna, he became even more interested in the Divine Tree. After the 5 people had lunch, Yuuto decided to go into the village where the Divine Tree was.


Hey, Ririna? What is that misty thing that is coming out of the ground?

While they were walking to the Divine Tree, Yuuto noticed the strange phenomenon.

Ah, that is the barrier that covers the entire village?

Barrier you say…… Is it effective in keeping monsters away?

That is the main goal. It would be be quicker to show you rather than explaining it……

Yuuto clapped his hands as he got a good idea when he heard that from Ririna.

I got a good idea! Spica, I want you go outside the barrier for an experiment!


Spica trembled as she was taken by surprise.

Yes, I've decided already, so hurry up!

Na, E, Cho!? Master!?

Yuuto pushed Spica and her back and forcibly sent her out of the barrier. Seeing the exchange between the two, Ririna and Sylphia rolled their eyes at Yuuto. When Spica was sent out of the barrier, there was no change from Yuuto's side.

……Huh? Master? Master, where are you!?

On the other hand, it was different for Spica. The moment she went outside the barrier, Spica lost sight of Yuuto completely, even though they were at touching distance. Spica realized that it was because of the barrier, and began wandering around unsteadily in the forest.


Spica walked around randomly, but did not get close to the barrier.

I think I understand? A person outside the barrier can't see people inside the barrier. And to enter the barrier, the necklace is necessary. In other words, as long as you are inside the barrier, you are completely safe.

Seal Breaker Magic Stone
 Rarity ☆☆
(The magic stone required to go inside a barrier. The engraving on the stone acts as the key.)

……I see.

Ririna nodded at Yuuto's explanation. It seemed that various types of magic stone existed.

Uuuu. Master……Sylphia-san. ……Where are you?

Spica was close to tears, and wandered unsteadily in the forest, but her steps didn't have strength in them.

Bieee. Bieee……

After leaving Spica in the forest for nearly 10 minutes Spica crouched down and burst into tears. Spica thought that Yuuto had abandoned her.

It's all right. I'm here.

Deciding that he had gone too far, Yuuto stepped out of the barrier.


It was my bad. I went too far with my prank.

Th-that's absurd! I was happy when I heard master's voice.

Here, here. You're a cute fellow.


Yuuto patted Spica's head as after-care for the prank. Her hopeless expression from a while ago was reversed, and Spica became happy immediately.

Strange nodesu. Why was adventurer-san……mean to Spica oneechan?

I don't know! I have no clue!

Ririna was upset when Sanya asked an innocent question. Last night Ririna had secretly heard their voices from the neighboring room, and her face reddened when she remembered it.

……Perhaps, Sanya-dono will know it when she becomes an adult.

「Funiyu〜 I'm not satisfied with that nodesu.

Seeing the mysterious exchange between Yuuto and Spica, Sanya tilted her head.


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  3. Poor Sanya she maybe another to fall the might of a heros ero tentical attack

  4. Yuuto is a douche. Maybe not an A-Class douche, but a douche nonetheless. This was probably played to be a ''funny prank'', but it was not funny at all. Although it was not deplorable nor too horrible, it was still distasteful, even for an S. I know it's fun to tease people, but he should really read the mood. Prick.