First Companion

First Companion


Because they had attracted public attention, Yuuto decided to walk to a deserted back alley.

Um…… Thank you for that. Ah. I haven't introduced myself yet. My name is Spica. Spica Brunel. Truly…… I would like to thank you for today……

Spica, who was helped by Yuuto during a pinch, bowed deeply.

No. There's no need to mind it. After all, I was the reason you were in that situation in the first place.

Not at all! I hadn't cleared my father's debt……… so it was my fault. If not for Yuuto-san's help, I don't know what would have happened to me……… Yuuto-san is my important benefactor! And…… the money that you lent to me, I won't be able to repay it in my lifetime! So if there is anything else I could do……… to repay the favor, won't you let me?

……Return the favor?

Yuuto asked Spica, who's eyes sparkled with determination.

Yes. Specifically…… Please let me be your slave, Yuuto-san! (TL note: I think this is the first time I see someone go, “Please make me your slave!”)


Because Spica's proposal was too extraordinary, Yuuto was flabbergasted.

I'm sorry! It was impudent of me to think that a greenhorn like me could be Yuuto-san's slave. I was to haughty! My previous words……please forget them!

(……Her words are incoherent.)

Yuuto tsukkomi'd in his mind.

No, I didn't mean it in that sense…… but could you tell me the reason?

When Yuuto asked Spica, she expressed her thoughts with an earnest expression.

I have lived only to repay my father's debt since I became an adult. But I couldn't reduce the sum at all due to the monthly interest with my income…… Since my main purpose in life is gone……… I decided that I wanted to do something else…… I wanted to follow Yuuto-san.

……Why did you want to follow me?

Due to the nature of my job…… I have seen a lot of adventurer's and I think I have an eye for people. You seemed like a reliable person. Yuuto-san is a person with a mysterious aura. Surely…… You will achieve some great things in the future! And I wanted to see them while I am standing beside Yuuto-san.

Yuuto was not aware of this, but it was common for high-level adventurers to walk around with multiple slaves.

Slaves are existences that cannot betray the master, and come in handy in many ways to an adventurer.

……You are overestimating me. I'm not worthy of your words.

No. Yuuto-san is an amazing person. You repaid my debt in a moment where I would have never been able to repay it in my lifetime! I'll do anything to stay by your side as a slave! So please! Please take me as your slave! (TL note: Anything you say? Huehuehue.)


(……There's no reason for me to refuse if I think objectively.)

To efficiently perform subjugation quests, he needed comrades that are absolutely reliable.

For Yuuto who did not know anything about the world, it was necessary to have a local who could help him in that regard.

And more than anything else, as Yuuto had predicted, Spica became quite beautiful once she fixed her appearance.

If such a girl were to ask Please make me your slave! , there is no way a man could refuse her. (TL note: Truer words have never been spoken.)

Ok. I understand. However, if you come with me, there is going to be lots of danger. I expect you to work hard to repay the debt I took over.

Really!? Thank you very much!

Spica's smile resembled a blooming flower.

Her dog ears moved adorably in her joy.


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