Fighting together with a comrade

Fighting together with a comrade.

They arrived at Ragul Mountains (Beginner) after walking for an hour.

Yuuto thought he walked at a brisk speed, but Spica followed behind without a single complaint.

Even a child of the Lycan race could travel 40 kilometers in a day, so as race, they had great physical strength.

Because of that, Yuuto was relieved since he was on an adventure with a girl.

Which reminds me, I didn't hear this before. Spica, do you have any experience fighting monsters?

No. To tell you the truth, I haven't. I have little experience of even going outside the city.

I see. Is that so……

Spica stared at Yuuto with a timid expression.

It was obvious that she was uncertain whether Yuuto would stop being amiable when he learned that she had no combat experience.

Well…… That's all right! If master orders me to fight, I will! I will be able to take down…… at least 1 slime with me to the grave!

No. Although I'm thankful for your words…… I'll be troubled if you ended up dying. Spica is my precious slave, after all.


While saying so, Yuuto patted her head, causing Spica to smile happily.

Spica expected her role to be that of Yuuto's guard.

But Yuuto was looking for someone who could keep watch while he was defenseless when he was stripping the materials off a monster.

For that reason, having no experience in battle was not a problem.

Ah! Master! There seems to be a monster over there!

Spica pointed towards a clearing.

Yuuto squinted his eyes in the direction that Spica pointed.

And, indeed there was a red slime moving slowly approximately 40 meters away from them.

Excellent. Spica, let's take down today's first monster, shall we? I will demonstrate the most efficient way to defeat a slime.

Yes. Master. Good luck!

As Yuuto approached the slime, he picked up a stone from the roadside.

Um, does master not use a bow?

? Why?

Uh. I asked an adventurer before when I worked at the inn…… it seems a bow is the most efficient weapon for defeating a slime. A slime's vision is low, along with their intellect as they are a more instinctive creature. Attacking from a long distance allows for a pre-emptive strike.

I see, a bow……

Yuuto didn't like using a bow.

This is because, no matter how hard one trained, there was no way to change the power. 

It was not like Yuuto was bad with a bow.

In fact, he actually respected the bow for surviving since its first use during the Stone Age.

However, a shuriken could be thrown faster for an attack over the same distance.

It was a better match for Yuuto's impatient nature.

Thank you. I'll keep that in mind in the future. But for a long distance attack, I'm confident with this guy.


Spica was puzzled by Yuuto's words.

Since in Yuuto's hand was an innocuous looking stone.

In order to convince her, Yuuto reduced his distance with the slime to 7 meters.

And then, threw the stone with the form of a quarter-back.


A tremendous shockwave was created.


The stone picked up a terrific spin before piercing the red slime at a tremendous speed, scattering its body fluids.

The red slimes body darkened as it died.


Seeing the series of events, Spica was stunned. Not that anyone would blame her.

After all, although a slime was one of the weakest monster, it was unheard of to see a slime defeated by an adventurer with just a thrown stone.

The impact was on par with a meteorite. Even an amateur could see that Yuuto had thrown the stone at an unnatural speed.

……Ma-master! Amazing! Too amazing!

Is it? Um…… although I did defeat the slime, I had spent a long time searching for the stone. Won't it be better if I had used a bow? Ah, maybe if I carry some stones in the bag…… that is an option too.

Yuuto's potential was bottomless.

The feelings of Spica for Yuuto changed from respect to worship.

The work that I want to leave to Spica from now on, is to watch out for monsters as I strip the monster for materials.

Taking out the Adventurer's Knife, Yuuto was about to begin his work.

Please wait for a moment!

Spica stops Yuuto's hands at the last moment.

Spica could not watch the surrounding as her master ended up stripping the monster.

If I may be so rude, usually the role is reversed! The master defeats the monster while the slave strips the material. Am I not qualified for that?

Well, certainly that would be more efficient, but are you sure Spica? It's quite a hard labor, you know?

……I'm sure! I should be able to do it! Because I worked at an inn for four years, I'm confident in my ability to handle a kitchen knife! That knife…… is similar to a kitchen knife! Could you lend it to me?

I understand. I'll believe you if you say so.

Borrowing the knife, Spica began working on the red slime.

Immediately after,  a sticky liquid gushes from the red slime.

A regular girl would have screamed, but Spica's expression was calm.

Dismantling the slime with a knife, the stripping of materials was successful.

Red Slime Nucleus
(The core of the red slime. It is the raw materials used to produce fire magic stones.)

Master! I was successful!

Ah, good job Spica. You did very well.

He patted Spica's head as a reward. (TL note: Yuuto's guide on how to train a lycan. You pat their head. A lot.)

He was healed every time he saw Spica's happy expression as her ears twitched in joy.

He decided to leave the collection of materials to Spica.

While she was a bit unfamiliar with the knife, experience should be able to solve that problem.

Because Yuuto felt that their efficiency had gone up, he decided to go up the mountain looking for the next prey.


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