Fighting Monsters

Episode 5: Fighting Monsters

When Yuuto exited the mansion, he noticed a thick foliage of trees surrounding it. Further down the slope, he could vaguely see the lights of a city. From these facts, he inferred that the Orc mansion was built in the mountains. For now, Yuuto decided to go down to the city to obtain information.

Wow…… What is this fellow……?

Red Slime
Threat LV 1

Along the way, he came across a red gel-like creature. It was approximately 1 meter in length. Although slimes are often depicted to be cute in games, the one he saw in reality could only be called grotesque. Because its body was semitransparent, it's entrails were clearly visible.

   → Fight

Inside Yuuto's head were these choices.

(…… Well, I think it's important to be accustomed to fighting against monsters.)

According to 《Demon Eyes》 the threat level of the enemy was rank 1. Yuuto, who had mastered the 《Konoe Ryuu Taijutsu》, it should be an easy fight, but it never hurt to be careful. He took out an 《Orc Spear》 from the 《Magic Bag》 and tried to subdue the red slime from a distance. However when Yuuto was 5 meters away and about to plunge the spear in.


The red slime jumped at him with unimaginable speed. Yuuto dodged quickly, skewering the red slime in midair. The now dead red slime's body changes to black.

……What's this? It didn't drop any items.

He was a little disappointed. If this was a game, he would get the trifecta of 《experience》《money》 and 《item drops》, but reality wasn't so convenient.

……No. Wait.

Yuuto decided to check his status screen.

Konoe Yuuto
Unique ability
《Ability Looting (Skill Taker)》
《Slave Contract》
《Demon Eyes
Fire Resistance LV 1 (1/10)

So I got something after all……!

《Fire Resistance》 had been added to the status screen. This was probably the result of his skill taker ability that steals the skills of the monsters he defeated. How much a LV 1 fire resistance would be useful still remains to be seen, but having it was not a demerit. And thus he decided that his ability needed to be researched. Fortunately, he discovered a red slime immediately.

Let's change the approach this time……

Last time he had been 5 meters away, but this time, he decided to be further away to observe the slime's leap attack. When Yuuto was 7 meters away from the slime, he picked up a stone of reasonable size. Unlike the paved roads of modern Japan, there were several stones in Trywide. Yuuto had also learned sports that could remotely be useful for his martial arts, and thus was familiar with 《Baseball Pitching Technique》. Yuuto could throw at 150 kph with pinpoint accuracy from quarterback to the goal. 〈TL note: Is there anything that he can't do?〉 The trajectory of the stone formed a beautiful straight line as it penetrates the body of the red slime, spilling its internal fluids.


The red slime's color darkened as it cried out in agony. He confirmed the status screen without any delay.

Konoe Yuuto
Fire Resistance LV 1 (2/10)

Killing a red slime for the second time didn't add any skills. But the text beside Fire Resistance changed from (1/10) to (2/10). What did this numerical value mean? When he killed a third slime, it changed to (3/10).

(The number seems to be the experience value of skills. Does that mean…… the level of the trait would increase if I defeated 7 more slimes?)

Yuuto was troubled. Should he try and defeat monsters in order to increase his skills, or should he get to the town first?

(Well…… if I think calmly, I should pick the latter.)

The sun should set soon, and it would become dark. If he lost sight in the forest, it could be fatal. He decided that he would go monster hunting some other time and renewed his journey to the town.