Evil God Resurrection

Evil God Resurrection

Meanwhile at the same time, in the ruins of the slum in Expein were two demons that were extremely famous.

Bellphegor, I had my eyes on your behavior over the past few days.

The first was a silver haired man with a thin figure carrying a huge sword on his back said. He was Lucifer, the man that embodied Pride amongst the Seven Deadly Sins.

Ah?  Lucifer-danna, did you come here to meet me just to say that?

The other was a middle-aged man with a slovenly figure, with a sake bottle attached to his waist. He was Bellphegor, the demon that embodied Sloth amongst the Seven Deadly Sins.

That's right. You had made the slums your headquarters and came into contact with humans. Did you forget? It is taboo for us demons to have any relation with humans.

Lucifer asked pointedly.

Fun. It's not like I forgot it. Rather, I realized something recently. In order to gather power for the Death Commanding Jewel, the most efficient way was to make humans fight amongst themselves.

Saying that, Bellphegor pulled out a muddy gray crystal ball from his bosom. It was the rare item Death Commanding Jewel that only a member of the Seven Deadly Sins is allowed to possess. The Death Commanding Jewel was a wonderful thing that could store the Negative Energy from the fear and despair of humans. It is said that the members of the Seven Deadly Sins planned to revive the Evil God that had ruled the world ages ago with this item. After losing the war with humans 500 years ago, the demons had toiled away towards this plan.

Lucifer-danna, what's the matter? It seems like you don't control pride anymore. That arrangement was made immediately after we lost the fight with the humans. 500 years later, the conditions are different. We have gathered considerable strength over the past 100 years. Why is it necessary for us to fear humans now?

When the Evil God was revived, the devils would rule Trywide again, and it depended on the energy accumulated in the Death Commanding Jewel.  When that happened, the members of the Seven Deadly Sins had to distribute the territory. Hence Bellphegor intended to outwit the other members using humans.

……You are too proud, Bellphegor. We may be stronger than individual humans, but they have strength in unity and their ability to reproduce. The reason we had lost the war was because we had made light of their strength.

Buhaha! You are too proud! I never thought I'd ever hear those words from you.


Bellphegor laughed off his comrade's advice. Seeing his friend's conceit, Lucifer had a foreboding feeling.

(The plan is advancing on schedule. However, what is it……? Why is anxiety is welling from my chest……?)

At that point, the figure of the boy that Lucifer had seen in Expein entered Lucifer's mind. It was burned in his mind, and he could not forget it. The reason being that he had only ever seen another person with black hair and pupils, and that was 500 years ago. It was Arc Schwarz, the hero that had destroyed the demons and won the war for the humans.

(……Fu. What Bellphegor is saying is true. There's no reason for me to fear a single human.)

He realized that he was being out of character, and determining that, Lucifer smiled at himself as he stood in the ruins.


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