W Peace

Episode 99 : W Peace

Wha-what is this!?

That evening, when he displayed the large quantities of monsters in the garden, Ririna was at a loss for words. There were 5 Wild Bears and 18 White Birds. Seeing them altogether was a tremendous impact.

Ririna, this is today's harvest. Can I leave the dismantling to you?

……I try my best, but its impossible for me to do them all in a day. Please don't expect too much.

No. If you do as much as it is possible for you, it'll be fine.

Even if the dismantling didn't finish, if he placed them in the magic bag, there won't be a problem with spoilage. They would certainly be taking up the capacity of the bag, but since there is no other practical way, it couldn't be helped.


That day, the dinner was stew made from the excess bear meat from the day before. When all is said and done, Beef Stew has been replaced by Bear Stew. When Yuuto went on the expedition, Ririna made the preliminary arrangements for dinner at that time. The flavor is different from the day before as the bear meat had stewed in the pot long enough to completely melt.

Ririna. Sorry for disturbing.

After having taken a bath after dinner, Yuuto headed to Ririna's room.

Ah. What's the matter, Yuuto? It is rare for you to call upon me.

………No, I just wanted to show my appreciation towards Ririna who is always working hard with the house work.

Haa? What do you mean by that?

By any chance……did Ririna think that I didn't notice you peeking on us while we were taking a bath? I know all of it.


Ririna's face reddened rapidly hearing Yuuto's words.

Wa-wait a minute! That was, well! Youthful indiscretion…… no, rather I was possessed by a spirit!

No no. You don't need to be embarrassed. Didn't you like it? If you are frustrated, I can always help you with magic. Like this.

Yuuto used Lewd, a magic that incresed the sexual sensitivity of the target. He had already seen the great effect of Spica and Sylphia's body.

Yu-Yuuto…… what is this……?

For Ririna who had only pleasured herself before, the stimulation from Lewd Magic was too much. Swallowed by the unprecedented pleasure, Ririna lost all strength in her waist and she sits down on the floor weakly.

(I feel slightly forceful…… But Ririna is not used to being honest to her own feelings.)

As he thought that, Yuuto used Tentacle Magic which was a combination of Curse Magic and Water Magic. At first he could only create 6 tentacles, but now he could create up to 10 tentacles.

It's alright. You should relax your body and make yourself comfortable. You won't regret it.

As he said this, Yuuto smiled fearlessly.


During the night, Sanya was woken up by a strange sound coming from Ririna's room.

(Is that Ririna's voice……)

As Sanya thought that doubtfully, she walked towards Ririna's room half asleep as she rubbed her eyes. The next moment, the figure of her sister spreading her legs while creating peace signs with both her hands entered Sanya's view.

Um……… Sanya……Sanya……

Eh. Sa-sanya……!?

Sanya was confused by the disheveled look of her elder sister.

It's alright nanodesu! I didn't see anything nodesu. Ra-rather, I'm glad that onii-chan and onee-chan are getting along nodesu! Yes!

Smiling forcefully, Sanya quietly closed the door. Since she was seen by her younger sister, Ririna regained her reasoning in an instant.

Aaaaah. This is terrible. This is really terrible!?

Yuuto felt slightly guilty for using Lewd as the sole reward and to make her forget unpleasant things.

(……Sanya. I’m sorry. Truly, your useless onee-chan is sorry.)

She felt so wretched that she wanted to die, but the fact that she was seen by her younger sister only increased Ririna's excitement. The next day when a now sober Ririna realized her sexual deviance, she was extremely depressed. But that is a different story.


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