Dungeon Appears

Episode 98 : Dungeon Appears

It's a dungeon.

Sylphia muttered as she stood in front of the building that rose towards the heavens.

Um. When you say dungeon, you mean that dungeon right? Where there's plenty of monsters and treasure……

Ah. It is just as my lord said. To tell you the truth, this is the first time I'm seeing one…… It is the only thing that comes to mind when a building of this size appears suddenly.

……I see. It was like that.

There were several anomalies, but Yuuto guessed that the earthquake from the day before was an omen for the appearance of a dungeon.

Um. Does that mean that we've made a huge discovery?

Master. Are you perhaps thinking of doing something dangerous……?

How rude! I only wanted to sneak into the dungeon before anyone else and monopolize the treasure!

As I thought!?

Having spent the most time with Yuuto, Spica had begun to grasp her master's thought pattern.

You should stop there.

Lassen Sigurd
Unique Ability
 Mind Reading

Mind Reading
 Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆☆
(The skill that allows visualizing the state of mind of the target.)

When he turned towards the voice, a woman was standing there. She looked to be 18 years old, and was wearing a stylish leather jacket and shorts that revealed plenty of her buttocks, giving her the feel of a wild woman.

Mysterious Fire Gun
 Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆
(The weapon absorbs magical power from the atmosphere and then emits fire attribute magic.)

An expensive weapon was holstered on Lassen's waist.

(Those breasts……I wonder if Sylphia's are bigger?)


Spica and Sylphia became grim when they saw Yuuto's gaze fixed of Lassen's chest.

………I think my self-introduction is late. My name is Lassen. Lassen Sigurd. I sell information. Since you are adventurer as well, I think I'll give you some information as a freebie.

After introducing herself, Lassen took out her guild card and placed it on her cleavage. Because of the copper painting on the card, he understood that Lassen was a Bronze ranked adventurer. While she may be an information specialist, she was also a highly capable adventurer.

I'll thank you for that. My name is……

I know. It's Konoe Yuuto.

Lassen grinned and correctly guessed Yuuto's name.

Ah. That was rude of me. But, you are already a famous celebrity in our industry. I'm sorry for cutting in on your introduction.

Um. Am I really that big of a celebrity?

As Yuuto had been trying to not stand out, Lassen's words came as a shock to him.

Ah. For a rookie to promote to Bronze rank less than a week after joining the adventurers' guild to be famous is only natural, don't you think? There's isn't a person in the profession who doesn't know your name.

Is that so?

While Yuuto was disappointed to have stood out, he couldn't help but be glad to be praised by a beauty.

Now then. Since the introductions are over, let's get to the main issue, shall we? You were going to enter the dungeon, right?

……Could it be that it's prohibited?

No. It's not really prohibited, but rather it is not recommended to enter a dungeon without having received a quest from the guild. Truth be told, once I report to the guild that a dungeon has appeared in the Lownas Grasslands, the Dungeon Capture Quest should appear tomorrow for Bronze ranked adventurers. If you capture the dungeon before the quest has been announced, you won't get any rewards, so why don't you postpone the dungeon dive for a day?

……I understand. If that's the case, I'll wait for a day.

While it was disappointing that he couldn't enter the dungeon first, he decided to follow the advice of a beautiful woman. Since it was not recommended, if he ended up capturing the dungeon, he may incur the wrath of other adventurers.

I'm glad that you agreed. I have some high hopes for you. It'd be a shame if you died because you entered a dungeon alone.

Having said this, Lassen turned around and left Yuuto behind.

Information Specialist Lassen. She seems like an extraordinary person……

Yuuto stared at Lassen's ass where her shorts had been riding up as he muttered the serious line.

That's right. It must be because her breasts were big.

……It's embarrassing! Even though you are surrounded by woman, you are distracted by other women!

Spica and Sylphia sent a cold look at their master.


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  4. 「Information Specialist Rassen. She seems like an extraordinary person……」

    Yuuto stared at Rassen's ass where her shorts had been riding up as he muttered the serious line.

    「That's right. It must be because her breasts were big.」



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