Episode 97 : Encounter

Then, after 7 hours.

Fuu…… I feel like I won't have any trouble over meat for the next 10 years or so.

………That's right. Even yesterday's Bear Meat was an enormous amount.

Yuuto had a satisfied expression as he had got more loot than he had expected. The day's subjugation results were as follows.

Wild Bear × 5
White Bird × 18
Lizardman × 4
Skeleton × 7

In addition to the fact that he could now subdue White Birds due to his Flight magic, because of Spica had learned the smell of the Wild Bear from the day before, he could achieve such a huge result.

Still, I cannot finish eating this much meat. The surplus will have to be sold somewhere.

That's right. I think that's good.

It would be the best gift for Ririna who was waiting at the mansion. If it was Ririna who was great at dismantling food, she would probably rejoice at this work. In the Cait Sith village, he had received a really great high performance Magic Bag. Since the limit of the bag was 100 kgs, the day's harvest was unreasonable in many ways. Yuuto checked his status screen.

Konoe Yuuto
Unique Ability
 Ability Plunder
 Slave Contract
 Demon Eyes
 Growth Promotion
 Fire Magic LV 3 (22/30)
 Water Magic LV 6 (10/60)
 Wind Magic LV 5 (4/50)
 Holy Magic LV 2 (5/20)
 Curse Magic LV 3 (12/30)
 Fire Resistance LV 3 (19/30)
 Water Resistance LV 3 (0/30)
 Wind Resistance LV 4 (6/40)

It seems that the skill that could be acquired from White Bird is Wind Magic +3. If the Wind Magic levels up, it would be that much easier using the convenient air bike.

Now then. Since the sun will set soon today, let's head back.

Having said so, Yuuto took out the air bike out of the bag, and then his view shook suddenly. The trees vibrated heavily and the leaves rustled as they began to fall.

……!? An earthquake again!?

Furthermore, the shaking was stronger than the day before. The trees which were unable to withstand the seismic activity fell down noisily. 

Spica! Sylphia! Lie Down!】」

Yuuto ordered the two with the force of Slave Contract in order to not make the same mistake as last time, and waited cautiously for the earthquake to die down. Then in the next moment, he heard the strange sound that sounded suspiciously like the ground splitting.

What……the……hell……is that……?  

When he turned towards the place where the sound came from, an enormous pyramid had split through the ground and rose towards the heavens. Since being summoned to Trywide, this was Yuuto's first time seeing a dungeon.


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    1. Maybe a summoned person told by God to manage a dungeon decided to make it there.

  2. That cliff...

    Thanks for the chapter!


  3. Um, 5 bears, and his bag is 100 kg capacity? Average weight of smallest bear species (Malayan sun bear aka Helarctos malayanus) is around 50 kg. And they are far from towering over people like those in this LN.

    1. I guess that's why it's unreasonable. It's too much to hold.

    2. lol... no bro... his "first" magic bag was 100kg, the one he got at the beginning... He meant that if he had not gotten his new magic bag from the Cait Sith Village he wouldn't be able to carry the bears with his old magic bag...
      His new magic bag can carry up to 4000 kg :-D

  4. Isnt there a mistake with the bag?? how can 100kg bad hold so much meat lol... 1 whole boar is at least 80kg..... i assume that the bag is 1.000 kg instead

    1. he meant the old one was 100 kg... the new one is 4000 kg :)

  5. Thank you so much for so many chapter today :-D
    Btw, there is something that has been on my mind lately... why do you get so few comments per chapter when this novel is so high in the ratings in "novelupdate"? You are second only to Death March on the Japanese novels... So many people have you on their "reading list"... I just don't understand o_O
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    1. Meh. I don't really care if I got 100 comments per chapter or not. Plus, I don't think Disqus works on blogspot. But anyway, I appreciate the sentiment.

  6. Thank you for your hard work! I usually don;t enjoy stories where the character is generally OP before the cheat kicks in, but this is fairly enjoyable ^^


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