High School Demon Queen, Visiting!

Episode 95 : High School Demon Queen, Visiting!

Approximately five days prior to when Yuuto began developing flight magic. A pair of man and woman had attracted the eye of the people in the market of Expein.

Oh! Hey, there! Look there! The sweets sold at that shop looks super delicious! Asmo! What do you think of those sweets!?

A beautiful perm-haired girl of approximately 150 cm height pointed at a fruit stand in high spirit. The girl, Beelzebub, was catching the eyes of passerby people due to her strange appearance. She was wearing the school uniform that modern Japanese girls in high school wear. These clothes were designed after the clothes of a girl who was summoned from another world with her unique ability, and was now her regular outfit.

……That confectionery is made from the technique brought over from another world. It's called a crepe. It is a dish where fruit and fresh cream is wrapped in a dough made from wheat flour, milk, butter, egg and sugar and then cooked.

Asmodeus, the man who answered her was a giant who was over 2 meters tall. Asmodeus's entire body was very muscular, and attracted the public attention as someone who was the opposite of Beelzebub.

Crepe!? That sweet is called a crepe!? Onii-san! Please give me a crepe!

Of course. By the way miss. In my shop, we use several different ingredients to make it. In addition to the fresh cream that is the basic, out of the 12 types, which one would you like?

Oh! Amazing! There are so many different types!? Uum………Uum

Bellzebub's eyes' sparkled as she looked at the ingredients on the menu. Strawberry, Banana, Mango, Chocolate, Yogurt………etc. All the ingredients written on the menu were attractive to Beelzebub.

I've decided! Onii-san. Please put all the ingredients in the menu!

Eeh!? Well, I suppose I could make it…… but can the young lady eat so much?

Yes, I'll be fine.

Beelzebub laughed in contrast to the man at the stand who was worried. Beelzebub was the one who controlled one of the Seven Deadly Sins, Gluttony, and thus was known to have an inexhaustible appetite.

N Delicious! This crepe ir really delicious!

Beelzebub smiled serenely as she stuffed her mouth with the huge special order crepe with 12 different ingredients in it.

…………Fu. As expected of the demon queen that controlled gluttony. When I see you eating like, that I am reminded of the figure of your father during his height of prosperity.

U Asmo. Did I not tell you that I hate being called Gluttony? It's unpleasant isn't it? The name gluttony is not adorable.

I beg your pardon. I was rude.

Aa. Don't you think God is cruel? Why is a cute girl like me Gluttony, and an old man like you Lust? Hey, hey. Why not exchange your Lust for my Gluttony? At least that way I can take the sexy route……」〈TL note: This girl has the right idea.


Beelzebub hated the name of Demon Queen of Gluttony that she inherited from her father. Her character was different from that of a leader of the demons. Instead, Beelzebub really liked sweets and fashion, and was more interested in love. Because of her behavior, her reputation amongst the demons was not good. Today, the influential demons all gathered, and the event was conducted by Asmodeus, the oldest of the Seven Deadly Sins.

? Hey. Asmo. What is that strangely shaped building over there?

Ah. That is the adventurers' guild. It is the facility that mediates between hoodlums and countries for work.

Heeh. Can anyone use it?

Well I suppose so. Adventurer work is basically the last ditch choice for humans who can't get any work. Anyone can register at the guild.

………Fun Is that so.

(Could I perhaps……get some good information?)

Ever since she became the Demon Queen of Gluttony, there hasn't been a day when Beelzebub wished for some excitement in her life. Maybe she could get some life experience if she used the adventurers' guild?

Stop daydreaming. We have to hurry. Lucifer is waiting for us.

Ah. Just a minute. Asmo. Wait for me!

Beelzebub chased after the big back of Asmodeus. Beelzebub's interest in the adventurers' job would greatly change Yuuto's fate, but that was something that won't happen for a while.


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