Bear Hot Pot

Episode 93 : Bear Hot Pot (Kuma Nabe)

Despite the huge earthquake, the city of Expein was eerily quiet. It seemed that the earthquake was only felt in Lownas Grasslands, and the people of the city were unaware of it. The question began to rise more and more in Yuuto's mind.

Ooh! ……You killed a great monster this time!

On the way back, Yuuto cashed in the materials in the adventurer's guild, and once he returned to the mansion, he placed the body of the Wild Bear on the garden. Yuuto had thought about dismantling it by himself, but as he didn't want to spoil dinner which was an important thing and didn't end up doing it. The taste of meat changed depending on whether blood was removed or not after all.

Ririna, can I leave the disassembly of this one to you?

Of course! Leave it to me! I'm the best at housework!

………I-is that so. You're quite reliable.

Was it obvious that dismantling bear meat was part of housework? Yuuto almost asked the question, but kept quiet as he realized it was silly.

Bear Skin
 Rarity ☆☆
(Wild Bear Skin. It is a sought after clothing material.)

Bear's Gall Bladder
 Rarity ☆☆
(Wild Bear's Gall Bladder. Material used in compounding specific medicine. It is used as proof of subjugation.)

Bear Meat
(Wild Bear Meat. This monster meat has rich flavors and is particularly popular.)

He wasn't sure whether it was because of the technique that she was proud of, but Ririna smoothly advanced with her dismantling work. Because he didn't have any particular use for the Bear Skin, he decided to put it away in the Magic Bag. He decided to sell it at the guild recognized store later.

 Threat LV 8 State (Taming)

The dismantling work was going smooth because the 60 skeletons were supporting the body.

「「「Heave ho! Heave ho!」」」

Fight! Fight! Nanodesu!

The dismantled Bear Meat was carried by the skeletons to the food storage where they were kept cool by the Water Magic Stone. Ririna decided to bury the parts that she decided that they couldn't be eaten in a hole dug by the skeletons. Since Sanya couldn't do the heavy lifting, she did her best to support the skeletons. A beautiful girl dismantling a huge bear with a smile and skeletons carrying meat. The dismantling work of the bear meat was completed with amazing speed due to their hard work.


The dinner for the day was Bear Hot Pot made from the fresh meat that he had just killed. The room was filled with the appetizing aroma when he opened the cover of the earthenware pot that was placed on the table.

Oh……… This is delicious!

The taste was very close to the taste of beef. The taste of miso soup with plenty of vegetables and delicious bear meat that melted in the mouth created a unique flavor. When he ate the sukiyaki with eggs on the top, he cried as it was so delicious. He had an opportunity to obtain valuable meat with some effort. He was fired up to take up the challenge and acquire some more bear meat the next day by completing the subjugation quest. Yuuto finished his dinner with great satisfaction.


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