Air Bike

Episode 90: Air Bike

My Lord, what is that vehicle?

Fumu. I plan on explaining it right now.

After returning to his house, Yuuto decided to test drive the air bike immediately. TL note: He did not test drive it before buying it!? For this, the large garden was really good. In the garden, he could freely test drive the air bike without having to worry about being noticed by the public. From what he learned from Adolph, Yuuto got onto the driver's seat of bike, inserted the key and pulled a lever.


Momentarily the air bike rose off the ground steadily.

(I didn't believe it until I saw it with my own eyes……this is handy……)

It was already 10 meters above the ground. At this altitude, he would be able to avoid hitting monsters and pedestrians.

Awesome! Master is already at such a height!

It's amazing! My lord can now fly in the sky!

Spica and Sylphia shouted excitedly on the ground, but Yuuto could not hear them over the sound of the wind from the power source.

I think I am going to use the air bike when I go on subjugation quests. Get ready. Spica, get on the sidecar, and Sylphia get on behind me.

Yuuto lowered the lever and landed the bike before instructing the two. They followed Yuuto's instruction and got onto the bike and waited for it to lift off.

A-amazing! This is amazing! My lord! Am I flying in the sky!?

When the bike flew, Sylphia spoke excitedly. To keep her balance, Sylphia's arms naturally wrapped around Yuuto. Shortly after that, something unusual occurred. Poyoyon. Sylphia's voluptuous breasts were squashed by Yuuto's back. After which, Yuuto's expression loosened, something that Spica did not miss.

………Um, master? May I ask a question?

Spica asked as her expression fell while she was sitting in the sidecar.

Ah, what is it, Spica?

Is it just my imagination, or……the placement is somewhat spiteful?

………I'm sorry Spica. But the right person is in the right place.

Yuuto patted Spica's head as he looked at her with pity.

(……After all, a man would lust after breasts!?)

Spica bit her lips hard as she saw her master being turned into a fool by Sylphia's breasts.


Simply put, the purchase of the air bike was a great success. From his experience, he could guess that it could go at up to 40 kph. While the speed was not something that he hadn't felt before, but in Trywide where the roads are bad unlike in modern Japan, being able to fly in the sky was a huge advantage. This would significantly reduce the time taken to get to their destination. The speed and mileage of the air bike that ran on wind power is greatly affected by the weight of the humans riding on it. If he removed the sidecar and only rode it by himself, Yuuto guessed that the air bike could double its speed.

(………Is this the reason why a carriage has a lot of advantages when going on an expedition with a party?)

In a regular human expedition where people don't have convenient items such as Magic Bags, their luggage can be of a considerable weight. Because of transporting the cargo was required, carriages are preferred over air bikes.

Master! Riding this vehicle is extremely pleasant.

Ah, is that so?

It’s exhilarating for the passengers to feel the wind on their body as they fly in the sky.

Although, it would be better if it was faster……

As soon as he muttered to himself, Yuuto came up with an idea.

(…………Wait a minute. Is it possible to move the bike with my wind magic?)

Magic had various applications depended on what the user imagined. He had learned that through lots of pain and suffering as he was training the Tentacle Magic. The current power source of the air bike was the High Purity Magic Stone that he had inserted. If he used magic here, was it possible to speed up the bike? Yuuto decided to test out his theory by imagining pouring his wind magic into the Magic Stone as a trial. Immediately after that, the air bike accelerated explosively.

Bie! Bieeeeeeee!?

My lord!? What's happening!? The speed of the bike increased suddenly!?

It seemed that pouring wind magic into the magic stone was a success. The air bike continued to accelerate as it created shockwaves. He couldn't guess the exact number, but the speed had doubled from before he used magic.

Sylphia! Spica! Hold on tight! Especially Sylphia, you should hold on to my back properly!

Accelerating by using magic was the correct answer. By training wind magic, he could further increase the speed of the air bike. After finishing testing out the magic, Yuuto headed towards Lownas Grasslands.


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