Bath time disturbance

Episode 87: Bath time disturbance

Fuu……… A bath made with one's own magic is special after all.

After the meal, it was time for a bath. In the mansion, filling the bath house with water, even if it’s the smallest one, is the toughest job. However he could not leave just this work to anyone. Preparing the bath is hard work, but has its own rewards. He could train his magic, and above all save magic stones. Furthermore, tired after using magic, the relaxing feeling of soaking in the bath was extremely rewarding.

Master, excuse my impoliteness.

My lord, sorry to disturb you.

Turning towards the voice he found Spica and Sylphia standing there. Yuuto widened his eyes in surprise as they were wearing nothing other than the bath towel that covered their body. After pouring hot water over their body with a bucket, they entered the bath with Yuuto. To his right was Spica, while Sylphia was to his left. It was the same position they were when they slept.

What's the matter? Why are the two of you so aggressive today?

Even though the two slept in the same bed with Yuuto, it was the first time they entered the bath with him.

I'm sorry, I just wanted to be spoiled by master…… am I being a nuisance?

Spica asked with upturned eyes as she hugged Yuuto's right hand.

No, you are not being a nuisance. How do I say it, I'm the one who does the assaulting all the time. Being assaulted sometimes is not so bad.

Ehehe. Thank you. I'm glad.

Spica's tail that grew from her hips wiggled in joy. Since her tail wagged in the bathtub, the water is sprayed with it.

Th-that's unfair! Spica-dono!

Seeing Yuuto and Spica increasing their skinship, Sylphia raised her voice. And then she grabbed Yuuto's left hand and embraced it, just like Spica.

What's the matter, Sylphia? Do you also want to be spoiled?

N-no way! This is different!

Sylphia shook her head as she denied it heavily. The reason why the two of them were appealing so aggressively was because of the emergence of a strong rival in Ririna. However because of her high pride, Sylphia could not speak truthfully.

My lord knows, right? People are most defenseless during baths! As a knight that is serving my lord, it is my duty to guard you in this place!

……A-ah, Is that so?

She was saying that she'd guard him, but how was she going to fight naked with no weapons? He wondered this, but as it was silly, he decided to remain silent.

Well then, without any delay, shall the three of us wash each other’s bodies?


Is there a problem?

Wh-what are you suggesting so suddenly!? There's no way I can do such a shameless act!

Yuuto's abrupt suggestion was shot down immediately by Sylphia.

Alright, I understand. However, I can't leave it like this. Therefore, if you stay in the bathtub for 100 seconds I'll overlook it this time.

What. Isn't it a very kind condition from master? Very well. If it’s like that, I'll accept your offer.

I'll also stay in for 100 seconds!

When the two heard Yuuto's idea, they smiled confidently.

Alright, then I'll start the count from now. One!




Yuuto grabbed Spica and Sylphia's breasts and massaged them as he alternated between the two with the count.

Ma-master!? What one earth are you doing!?

Hmm? What am I doing, I'm rubbing your breasts, of course.

I can see that! What I'm asking is if it is necessary to rub our breasts in the bath!

No But you see. Isn't it boring to just count to 100? I thought that if I remember the feeling of breasts along with counting, I'd be able to accurately count to 100.

I-I can't understand the meaning of that!?

Sylphia shivered in fear as it was an unreasonable condition. She didn't think that her master would do something so flamboyant on a whim. He was a man of action! If he said he'd rub it, he'd rub it! Yuuto's fearless expression was foreboding for Sylphia. And then during the bath between the three, Yuuto rubbed Spica and Sylphia's breasts 50 times each.


She had witnessed a great thing. Ririna could not control the feeling of unrest that rose from her chest as she peeped at the exchange between the three through the gap in the door. Cait Sith race have superior hearing compared to others. Therefore, she know what Yuuto and the others did under the pretense of magic training. However this was the first time Ririna was seeing the act directly. She felt jealous of Spica and Sylphia who were fawned over by their master. But Ririna's lust overshadowed her jealousy. Her body was hot, and when she touched her body through her clothes, she realized her whole body had become sensitive.

(Such a thing, even though I understand that its useless………)

Even though she realized that it was a vulgar act, Ririna was unable to control her own desire. Without noticing that Yuuto had become aware of her, Ririna continued her lewd behavior.


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