The troubles of a celebrity

Episode 119: The troubles of a celebrity

The next morning, Yuuto decided to buy the materials that Ririna had asked for in order to build the hot spring.

Magic Bag (Revised)
 Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆☆
(Highly efficient convenient bag for carrying items.  Can carry up to 4000 kilos.)

Since he had a magic bag (revised) that could hold items up to 4000 kgs, he could shop to his hearts content. After procuring the necessary stone and lumber throughout the morning, Yuuto visited the adventurer's guild for the first time in 3 days.

Hello. Yuuto-sama's QR has been promoted to 13. Your card has been updated due to the previous quest.

Thank you very much.

Konoe Yuuto

Previously, he had taken quests to gain QP, and had successfully defeated White Birds and Wild Bears in excess, but…… unexpectedly, his QR had gone up by only 1. As there were no new quests that were added, in order to increase his QR, he had to hunt White Birds and Wild Bears in the Lownas Grasslands.

(……What do I do? I don't think the meat at the house is going to run out any time soon.)

Since he was promoted to the bronze rank, he felt that he had lost the speed at which his QR was raised. Wasn't there a method to rapidly increase one's QR? Yuuto left the adventurer's guild as he was thinking this.


Master, Where will we go go today?

Well, today we are going to the Lownas Grasslands. We'll probably be coming here for a while.

Fumu. So we'll be exterminating the bird and the bear. I have no objection.

Yuuto was joined by Spica and Sylphia, who had waited in front of the guild like always, as they walked out of the town. Two minutes later, a woman appeared before Yuuto.

I'm sorry. ……Are you Konoe Yuuto-san?

She appeared to be in the early 20s. The woman was wearing an outfit with a high degree of exposure that was popular with men. She was considerably beautiful and had a slender build with huge breasts.

Yes, that's me.

Truth is……I'm a huge fan of yours! Would it be alright if we had something to eat together?


I'm sorry. I must have surprised you. I work as a maid at the town's inn……I have heard rumors of Yuuto-san's activities there. Frankly speaking……I want to become friends with you.

No, um. If you say something like that suddenly……

Well well, let's talk after entering the shop. To tell you the truth……I know of a shop that has some delicious liquor. I'll treat you.

The woman pushed her breasts onto my arm. To put it bluntly, he did not understand the situation at all. However, as he could feel the touch of a beautiful woman's chest, he didn't feel bad.

Please wait.

Yuuto's ogling was interrupted by a woman's voice. When he turned to the voice, he found that it came from a woman he didn't recognize. Similar to the 1st woman, she was also very beautiful.

Yuuto-sama. You must not be deceived! That woman is a vulgar person who is only after Yuuto-sama's property.

Um, and you are……?

I'm sorry for the delay. I'm the daughter of an ancient noble of this town. In order to get acquainted with Yuuto-sama, I rushed out of the mansion.

The second woman was wearing refined clothes that gave off a high-class impression. She was not as beautiful as the first woman, but she had dignified features.

Yuuto-san. You must not be deceived! What noble. You're just a good for nothing child that was born to the mistress! Your condition isn't good at all!

Haa? It's the same for you! What maid of the inn! You're just a hostess who keeps perverted old men company!


Hearing this much, Yuuto could vaguely understand the situation he was in. In short, the approached him in order to get their hands on the 20 million rea quest reward he had received. Needless to say, it was a huge amount in Trywide. Using their weapons as a woman, they hoped to get some of the overflow from it.

I'm sorry, but my heart is already set on these two women.

When Yuuto stated his mind, Spica and Sylphia rebounded from their depression.

Ple-please wait!

At least listen to us! At least listen to our story!

Yuuto did not look back.  Even though it felt nice to ignore the advances of two beautiful women, he didn't like the fact that they approached him for his money.

Master…… Was it alright……?

Spica asked with a look of joy and unease.

Of course. I have you two. That is enough.

Yuuto answered with a dignified and smart expression.


My lord……!?

Spica and Sylphia's eyes moistened as they were overwhelmed. Because the two had been badly troubled by Yuuto's womanizing habit till now. There were no words more honorable than these for a slave serving their master. Realizing that they were cherished by Yuuto, Spica and Sylphia were over the moon.

Are you Konoe Yuuto-san?

Immediately after rejecting the advances of two women, a third woman approached Yuuto.

(Wha-what do you know…… Isn't she a matchless beauty………!?)

This girl's beauty could not be compared to that of the two that came before her. Her determined gaze interested him, and Spica and Sylphia were defeated by her dignified and lovely look. The girl was wearing the outfit of a Japanese ninja that clearly defined her body. If one would try to explain her look, Cat-eared ninja girl would fit her well.

Excuse me. I have a favor to ask of you.

I understand. If it is within my power, I'll listen to it.

Yuuto answered immediately in a dignified manner.

Really!? Thank you very much! Then……in order to talk, shall we enter a store?


What happened to the inspiring words from a while ago? Spica and Sylphia sent a blank glare at their master who had gone along with a girl in their first meeting.


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