Heartwarming different world life

Episode 117: Heartwarming different world life

The afternoon of a certain sunny day, a very ordinary high school student Konoe Yuuto was relaxing in the home that he had purchased in a different world.


Yes, what is it?

I have free time.

Is that so?

Today's weather is good.

The sun is very pleasant.

Spica Brunel, a beautiful girl with dog ears on her head replied her master. Due to circumstances, she had become Yuuto's slave. Right now, Yuuto was basking in the sun in the front porch of the mansion as Spica gave him a lap pillow. Normally, he would be going on expeditions as part of his work as an adventurer, but lately Yuuto had abstained from going out. The reason behind it was that Yuuto had received 20 million rea as reward for the dungeon capture just the other day from the guild. And 20 million rea in Trywide, where Yuuto was summoned to, was the same as 200 million yen when converted to the currency of modern Japan.

In other words, he currently didn't have to bother to work in order to get food on their table. There was also the fact that Yuuto desired to reduce the amount of labor he was putting in.

Ahaha! Oniichan is being a baby nanodesu.

While Yuuto was enjoying Spica's lap pillow, the Cait Sith girl, Sanya Foresti smiled innocently as she passed by.

Hey! Sanya! Don't say something like that to our master!


Hearing the rude words of her sister, Ririna Foresti chopped Sanya's head with her hand.

I-I'm sorry, Yuuto. I'll properly scold Sanya later.

……No, I didn't really mind it.

(Certainly for the past few days I haven't been working at all.)

Unlike Yuuto, who was leading a slovenly life at home, the Foresti sisters were busy at work. Ririna primarily dealt with the housekeeping of the mansion, whereas Sany worked as the manager for the monsters that took charge of the guarding and the chores.

Hey, Spica. Where is Sylphia?

Well, Sylphia-san is practicing her sword play in the garden.

……Since this morning?

Yes, Sylphia-san seems restless, and can't seem to calm down when she isn't holding a sword and training.

Really? Sylphia is very diligent.

As Yuuto took a vacation, the aloof female knight, Sylphia Rougenberg took to training with a sword in her spare time. It seemed that Sylphia was flustered. Lately she had been surprised by her master's overwhelming strength in battle, but more importantly it made her seem useless. As her lord rested, she had thought that it was a great opportunity to reduce the difference in ability even by a little.

To tell you the truth, I have been learning fencing from Sylphia recently.

Eh, Spica is!?

Yse. ……Was it to presumptuous of me? I can't be protected by master and Sylphia all the time. I thought that I should be able to protect myself at the very least.


Lycan's were known for their sense of smell and physical strength, but even though she went on adventures with Yuuto, Spica used to work as a maid at an inn and thus had no useful ability in battle. Spica was the same as Sylphia in this regard, as she remembered the sense of impending crisis as she was always protected.

I won't say it’s useless……rather, would it be fine if I taught you how to use a sword?

Eh. Master……would……?

Ah, not only swordsmanship, but horse riding, spearmanship, using polearms, archery and just about anything is okay.  I'll hammer Konoe Ryuu Taijutsu into Spica.

Well, I'll refrain from it.

I was refused!?

Yuuto was shocked at the immediate rejection. However, no matter how much one imitated Yuuto, they won't be able to reach his strength. It was an extremely natural line of thinking for Spica to learn how to use a sword from Sylphia instead of Yuuto.

(That's right. Everyone is doing their best.)

With even Spica and Sylphia, his slaves, doing working hard, he had to do his best as well. Stretching himself under the comfortable sunlight, Yuuto decided to work seriously from the next day.


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