VS Legend Blood 3

Episode 111: VS Legend Blood 3

(……Michael has great power, but isn't really fast.)

When he saw Michael's ice blocks with his own eyes, that was his first impression. TL note: The author went from blades to blocks/balls over the course of a chapter. Taking out his Long Sword, Yuuto confirmed the trajectory of the ice balls in order to repel the attack. As a practitioner of Konoe Ryuu Taijutsu that synergized anything that could be advantageous for martial arts, he was particularly proud of his skills in Billiards.


Yuuto countered one of the blocks with his Long Sword, fully using the technique cultivated with billiards. As he exhaled, the countered block continued to hit the rest of the one after the other.

It's useless! My ice attack can't be defended against with an attack of that level!

Michael was convinced of his own victory, but he noticed something unusual.

This guy…… He is using the ice to repel the rest………!?

Yuuto hadn't repelled the ice randomly. The slash by Yuuto incorporated billiards, and as the ice block was forced back, it hit the next block with precise trajectory. After deflecting all the ice, Yuuto used his incredible leg strength to lunge at Michael and closing the distance in an instant, he attacked him with martial arts.

It's over!

The moment Yuuto was upon Michael and was about to skewer him with the sword in his hand, the ground underneath him shook, also shaking his view. Off balance, Yuuto could only vainly slash at the empty air.

Wh-what…… this guy!?

Being caught off guard, Yuuto couldn't help exclaim.

Crystal Golem
Unique Ability
 Magic Power Refinement

Magic Power Refinement
 Rarity ☆☆☆☆☆☆
(A skill that raises the rate of recovery of one's magic power)

Exceeding 20 meters in height, it clearly was the largest monster Yuuto had seen so far. A huge monster made entirely of crystals had broken through the floor and appeared suddenly.

This is beyond expectations……even to me. The Guardian had risen up from a lower floor.

Michael eyed the Crystal Golem as he explored his next move. The Guardian of a regular dungeon is usually said to appear at the bottom most floor. Had he somehow angered the Guardian by firing high powered magic in rapid succession. There's no way that the Guardian coming up from the lower floors was an accident.

……There's no helping it. Let's get rid of this guy first, all right?

Michael raised the cane in his hand, and used the strongest magic he had. Explosion. The magic that Michael used was a compound magic created with fire and wind magic. Fire is the most lethal attribute of the 5, and Fire Storm was a destructive magic, and was used to create Michael's trump card. Furthermore, Michael had enhanced it with Wind Storm, increasing its temperature rapidly.

(Something……is coming!?)

Yuuto noticed the danger from Michael's Explosion magic and immediately distanced himself and lied down on the ground. The next moment the room was wrapped in a dazzling flash of light as the body of the Crystal Golem was trapped in a vortex of violent explosive flame. Michael noticed something unusual just as he was convinced of his victory. Even though it was hit directly with the Explosion magic, the Crystal Golem was unscathed.

No way, this guy……… has magic resistance!?

Michael guessed, as apparently the Crystal Golem in front of him was a monster with excellent magic resistance. Then, the Crystal Golem went on the offensive, and swiped at Michael with its long arms.


Making full of its physique, the simple attack had unimaginable power. Michael had managed to escape a fatal wound by creating a wall of ice, he still took the brunt of the blow on his flank.

………This guy is a bad idea. This monster is too incompatible for a magician!

His preemptive attack with Explosion had backfired. The Crystal Golem's attention was clearly on Michael.

Why……one after another!

Michael cursed his bad luck. His work should have been only to subdue to Demon Queen of Gluttony, so why, was he being interrupted by humans and monsters?


At that time, Michael, suddenly came up with an idea. Using wind magic, Michael moved to the exit of the room, and gave a satisfied smile. He didn't need to defeat her with his own hand. The Crystal Golem was the Guardian of this dungeon, and was a formidable adversary for even one from the Legend Blood to fight one on one.

……Change of plans. I'll crush you both later. I'll be taking my leave.

As Michael left with those words, he used his magic to block the exit of the room with ice magic.

Wh-what the hell!? This guy!

As the Crystal Golem lost sight of its victim, it turned towards its next closest target, which was Beelzebub. Beelzebub tried to move her feet as she tried to struggle out of the pillar of ice she was trapped in. However, Michael's shackles had limited her hands and feet. The Crystal Golem swung its huge fist and tried to crush Beelzebub's body along with the ice pillar.


Beelzebub leaked a soundless gasp as she closed her eyes. Warm. Beelzebub's body that had lost all body heat due to the ice pillar was warmed through skin contact.


She calmed down when she smelt him. Seeing the back of the boy in front of her, Beelzebub immediately understood the situation. Yuuto had rescued her in the nick of time and ran full speed while carrying the girl on his back.

(Amazing……! For a human being to run so fast……!?)

Beelzebub was surprised greatly when she was wrapped in the warmth of the boy. Yuuto's physical ability while using Ogre Fist surpassed a demon king easily.

Hold on. I'll be troubled if you die on me.


She couldn't move her hands and feet well due to frostbite. Touched by the gentleness of the boy in front her, Beelzebub replied nervously. The limits of the endurance of the Crystal Golem that could survive the earlier Explosion magic unscathed was unknown. It's possible that it wouldn't be damaged with a half-assed attack. He'd get only one chance. The skill that he was about to use while powerful also put a huge strain on his body.

He would lose if he went on the offensive immediately. However, strangely, he didn't feel like losing. He didn't want to fail in front of a cute girl. With renewed determination, Yuuto readied his counterattack even while he carried the beautiful girl wearing school uniform on his shoulder.


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  2. i think with curse magic, to lower the crystal golem weight and beat him like he beating the named giant headtree before will be effective to.